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Rubber temples and school time, or how to study in Indonesia? Added:31.3. 2009
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Rubber temples and school time, or how to study in Indonesia?

Who wants to, he can. Students Brno Religion John Polivka (23) spent six months on the other side of the globe. How does the study of religious dances in Bali?

** Jan, could you tell our readers how you actually get to Indonesia? ** In Indonesia, I got to watch that offers the Center for International Studies at Masaryk University, which on its website lists various study trips abroad. I wanted to since the beginning of my studies to look to Asia and specifically I was referring to India. Get a scholarship for India but for the student – bachelor – a very complex thing. Other series in Japan, but there are so many people report that the chances of success are slim. Then came the offer to go to study in Indonesia under the Indonesian government program Darmasiswa. I did not hesitate and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

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** What was the intention of your trip? ** Plans were two. The first was to „relax“, to create new ideas. The second aim was to enrich my studies in the Republic of unique knowledge and bring the original topic of the bachelor thesis, which I did. After a minor change, for which he became a U.S. doctoral student Christopher Travnicek, I have my original intention to study Indonesian culture confined only to religious study Balinese dance and I see it as a step in the right direction.

** It has been negotiating their stay at the Czech sites numbered complicated? Did you meet any specific requirements? ** Given that the program is sponsored program Darmasiswa Indonesian government has been negotiating very peculiar. Indonesian scholarship covers about half the cost of living in Indonesia and the ticket and insurance must arrange for each student individually. That's why I asked for an additional grant freemover Center for International Studies at MU. Access to the Indonesian Embassy and the OIS is very different. The Indonesian government is very benevolent. Besides the application is sufficient to attach only the medical certificate of fitness and confirmation of the highest level of education (just a copy of the school-leaving certificate). OIS has been challenging. In addition to acceptance letter from the Indonesian embassy, ​​I had yet to attach a letter of recommendation from our Department of Religious Studies, for which I would like to thank Assoc. Luboš Belko PhD. The whole department sees these very positive efforts of students, and after returning I had a problem with the recognition of objects.

** What do you like the first in Indonesia surprised? ** From discussions with the Indonesian Embassy in Prague, I knew that the Indonesians have not in a hurry. Even for this property are its special concept of „jam cards,“ which literally means rubber time. So while most of my colleagues was very nervous when we were waiting at the airport two hours to pick, I remained calm. Approximate stay in Jakarta was very peculiar, but I'm stoic, so I did not address.

** How did you like the Europeans approached the local residents? ** Indonesians access to whites is quite positive. Especially Balijci are very friendly. They used a lot of concern, which European states often enough to embarrass. Recognition aroused that I decided to study their dance. It happened to me, however, that when visiting some remote villages in Java for my small children pointed and shouted „bull“ (white). I was the one of the first white people she met.

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** Can you briefly describe what it looks like the Indonesian higher education? Differ much from the Czech system? ** Indonesian education is very different than Czech. My Indonesian school „Institut Seni Indonesia,“ the school of art direction and teaching is very clear. Their system gives enough space for anyone who wants to work on myself, but the disadvantage is that a lot of people are just carrying. Many of course, that we used the Czech university environment in Indonesia is not. Free Internet access is a fairy tale and the chapter library is completely right. A computerized database of books exist and their ranking is completely random. While there is a system of order, but in fact, the book establishes, where just space.

** Have you been in contact with the indigenous classmates? ** From the very beginning I wanted to be with local students in touch as much as possible. That's what I did. And due to their hospitality, I had the chance to meet their normal life.

** Any idea how hard it is in Indonesia to get to college? ** Get in Indonesia to college is easier than the national average. Generally, it gets everyone. Of course, there are a few exceptions. The biggest challenge, therefore, is whether the family can afford to feed students.

** And what is there to study possible? ** The scope of subjects is the same as in the country. In my school, except maybe to study dance and gamelan (traditional Indonesian music), painting (and batik), shadow theater, photography and advertising. It placed the emphasis on traditional arts, but of course also taught modern European forms.

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** Graduates have a better chance to apply? ** Many Indonesians vystuduje high school and then take over the company of their parents. Think it's normal, even if they were useful in the field, as studied.

** The study of high school accessible to all sections of the population? ** The study is open to all. All that is seen in Indonesia, the central government pressures, which is Muslim, the religious minorities. This is as Hindus, who form the majority in Bali.

** What do you think is the biggest problem in higher education in Indonesia? And what are the advantages compared with the CR system? ** As I said, the ISI is an art school and so I was surprised that students who want to have a school show or a show, they must pay the rental space. The school, instead she was glad she had someone to do advertising, throwing sticks under the feet of students, and most of the latter exhibits elsewhere. The only possible benefit is probably much larger number of cities that do have a university that is. Students who want to study strictly a prestigious university, in many cases eliminating the long commute.

** What courses and activities at the university you most? ** I was very interested in the connection between the religious school. In Bali, religion permeates almost all daily activities and religious phenomena where one encounters at every step. However, when the school except the main temple, which is Hindu, is in school and a Muslim prayer room and even a small Christian chapel, a happy man (if you are studying religion).

** What spatřuješ main benefits of your stay? ** Apart from very different cultures of knowledge I brought from Indonesia to the original theme to his studies and contacts to a lot of friends from around the world through the internet we are constantly in touch.

** Have you had any problems at the home institution upon return? ** When counting a small misunderstanding, so no problems there. Recognition of my Indonesian subjects lasted a week and return to the Czech system was so seamlessly.

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** Thank you for your time! **

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