Competition landing on Venus Added:25.3. 2009
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Competition landing on Venus

Observatory and Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus in the Brno in cooperation with the Masaryk university holds third annual contest ** Circus of Physics for students of secondary schools and universities **. This year's competition is subtitled landing on Venus.

Competition will take place 25th ** April in Brno Planetarium at Cow Mountain **. Ready is a program dedicated to supporting not only the planet Venus, but also kosmounautice and aviation in general.

Competitive teams by logging on to 3 ** dubna 2009 to 12 hours **. Will compete in two disciplines – the longest flight of the rocket-powered PET bottles with water and compressed air, and the fastest ride „space rovers“ driven mousetrap after sand surface. Both devices must in order to carry cosmonaut křepelčího in the form of eggs.

Prices (books, magazines and free tickets) are not ready for the winner of disciplines, but also for the creator of original designs and the best promoters of your device.

Source and further information: „Physics Circus Web“:

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