Players young eyes Europe Added:28.3. 2009
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Players young eyes Europe

Youth Information Centre Czech Budejovice announces photo contest on the theme of ** „Europe young eyes“ ** in the same campaign, which aims to bring the Czech Presidency of the EU and the functioning of young people and arouse their interest in events in Europe. Competed for valuable prizes such as MP3 player, a book about photography or flash drive.

The competition is divided into two categories: the first has the theme „People in Europe“ and second „Night Europe.“ Competition is open to all amateur photographers 30 years, who send their contributions by 15 May 2009.

The campaign will run throughout the Czech Presidency. Campaign organizer is the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Department for Youth in cooperation with the Czech Council for Children and Youth Workers Association and Home for children and youth.

** Sources and more information: ** „Europe campaign website young eyes“: „Www.ceskasko­“:…skola/Ar.asp?… „Site Information Centre for Youth Czech Budejovice“:

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