COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Toxicology Added:2.4. 2009
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How to proceed with environmental pollution toxic substance? How to recognize toxic products dangerous to man? Where do toxins come from, how they are treated and how to avoid their harmful effects? You can protect them from our environment? The answers to these questions and more will bring the study of toxicology. Note: Article was updated on 24 11th 2009 (-goose-)

It is presently under various names toxicology study at three Czech universities in undergraduate program or in a related master's follow-up program.

Faculty of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem

** Name of field: ** Toxicology and analysis of pollutants ** Mode of study: full-time studies bachelor ** ** Characteristics of the study: ** Study offers students courses focusing on specific knowledge of inorganic and organic compounds harmful effect. The aim is to learn to analyze their potential harmfulness, to evaluate possible risks or disasters. Are essential part of knowledge concerning prevention. On the basis of theoretical courses, students will participate in practical laboratory exercises. Students should also control the data collection, evaluation and presentation, even in English, which is part of compulsory education. Faculty also considers it important to introduce students to the legislation regarding the legal handling of chemicals and their use. As for the orientation, students will be trained in toxicology, animal and plant toxins in military toxicology, agrochemical and industrial toxicology and drugs. When teaching faculty collaborates with specialists from the University of Defence in Hradec Kralove, the Regional Hygiene Station, Ústí nad Labem and chemical companies in the region. Practical courses are conducted in the laboratories of the faculty, the Center of advanced laboratory techniques and laboratory Health Institute Usti nad Labem. ** Graduates: ** Thanks to the structure of studies, students should after its completion to be ready to enter immediately into practice. The application is offered in public and private sectors in different fields of ecology (see the analysis of the presence of pollutants in the environment and the possibilities for the removal and prevention), food, medicine, pharmacy and agriculture and consumer goods industry – ie in areas where it is necessary ensure the health of the products and avoid harm to the surroundings. The activities may include graduates work in laboratories, institutions using chemical analysis, medical facilities, but also in experimental work, science journalism and the popularization of the field. Graduates can also pursue master's in related field or engineering at any university in the country. ** Admission: ** Applicants are admitted without entrance examinations, the application only demonstrates medical certificate of fitness to study and occupation. ** Source and further information: ** „website of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science UJEP“:…ry/index.php?…

Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno

** Name of field: ** General Biology, focus Ecotoxicology ** Mode of study: Bachelor ** full single-subject study ** Characteristics of study and graduate profile: ** Students applying for the field of Ecotoxicology at the entrance exams at Masaryk University in the study reported program Biology. For registration in the first year, then confirm your business – for Ekotoxiokologi­i's General Biology. Within this field in the first year of graduate courses and a common base at the end of 2. semester, he writes his own study orientation. It was from this moment, the candidates allowed to engage in purely Ecotoxicology. The basic themes of General Biology is a description of the structure of living matter and its functions at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and population level. From 3. semester between objects for example occur specialization Ecotoxicology. Environmental Chemistry, treatment with chemical substances, Analytical Chemistry, Good Laboratory Practice, General Microbiology, Ecotoxicological tests, Ecotoxicology of microorganisms, Biochemistry and other xenobiotics. Mandatory for the examination in English. The student is prepared primarily for practical knowledge and it provided the foundation for further education in the Master's and doctoral program. After completing the master's or doctoral degree studies, students should Ecotoxicology should also be capable of scientific and research activities. ** Admission: ** Applicants must complete a Study Test and Field Test of the basics of biology, chemistry between grammar school curriculum. The field of study General Biology expected to be 50 students ** Source and further information: ** „page, Faculty of Science“:…

Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Faculty of Environmental Technology

** Name of field: ** Chemistry and Toxicology, Environmental ** Mode of study: Undergraduate full-time ** ** Characteristics of the study: ** This field opens in the program of study technology for environmental protection focuses on different areas of chemistry, toxicology and the environment. The substance can be found taught knowledge of ecotoxicology, air protection as well as the waste issue. Faculty emphasis on introducing students to the principles of sustainable development. Omitted are not legal and economic relation with the issue. Among the objects appear as Laboratory of Inorganic / Organic Chemistry, Chemical Information Sources, Principles of Environmental Protection, Technical Microbiology and Hydrobiology, Physical Chemistry, Fundamentals of wastewater treatment or processing basics and oil use. There is also a compulsory teaching of language and objects associated with computer technology. ** Graduates: ** Faculty in the course of study allows selection of elective courses so that the graduate can go into different areas of practice according to their profiling. In terms of institutions, apply in both state and private sectors, for example in industrial and agricultural enterprises, research organizations, departments of emergency services, government and the authorities, but also in the media. Graduate study should provide broad technical and systems thinking important not only for the chosen field. In addition to the retirement practice, students can continue to master study. ** Admission: ** The Technology program of study for environmental protection provides for a maximum of 400 students. The deadline for receiving applications was set at 31 March 2010. Admission to take into account evidence from chemistry and mathematics from the first annual report – 3 year and fourth semi-annual report year of high school. In case the candidate does not have the necessary number of stamps from these articles are missing signs added (to a total of eight stamps) benefits from a scientifically oriented subjects (physics, biology, etc.) that the applicant graduated in high school. Candidates may also offer their test results from the General Study of SCIO. Reaches a candidate in this test higher than 70 percentile will be accepted regardless of the average marks from selected secondary school subjects. Dean, however, may increase the threshold percentile, depending on the number of students. ** Source and further information: ** „ICT Web“:…_po_maturite

In addition to these three schools can work towards a doctoral degree in toxicology studies and on universities:

  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University (specialization in Pharmacology and Toxicology)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University (specialization in veterinary toxicology and food toxicology)
  • All three of the medical faculty of Charles University in Prague (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University – department in Hradec Kralove (fields of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Toxicology of natural products)
  • Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence (Toxicology program).

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