Education Fair in Kazakhstan - a chance for Czech universities Added:30.3. 2009
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Education Fair in Kazakhstan - a chance for Czech universities

In Kazakhstan between 21 to be held April 26, 2009 ** International Education Fair **. Organizers invite all to attend college, including the Czech ones. It is about studying with us is by Kazakh students in high demand. The program will involve a total of three cities, and Astana (21 – 22.4.), Karaganda (23 – 24.4.) And Almaty (25 – 26.4.).

Last year the fair participated as schools such as Imperial College London, Queen Mary University, University of Auckland or Michigan State University. Organizers expect attendance more than ten thousand students.

The fair, which will take place in Kazakhstan, is one of a kind. In the Russian cities of Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg took place on 12 – 15 February 2009 the traditional 15th International Education Fair. The showcase of prestigious international study programs of education centers organized by the Centre for International Study Programs (Interuniversity Centre for International Educational Programmes – ICIEP) and presented here, in addition to universities and academies from around the world, and endowment programs, summer schools and summer camps.

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