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A psychologist advises how to handle the Holy Week Added:9.4. 2009
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A psychologist advises how to handle the Holy Week

How do I learn? Where to learn? Why learn? Miroslav Šipula, Lecturer of Psychology Faculty of Social Studies, graduates with their graduation recommends how to make the most of Holy Week.

  • ** 1 Knowing you are .** summarize, the procedures in the past, the study proved. I have some rituals, which stir up a good performance, which support its long endurance and will, which I achieve relaxation and regeneration? Then I was not looking at the last moment, no other, I used the best ones. (Feel free also to a written list.)
  • 2nd ** Think about what I want to achieve. ** The test is only a dais on the way to something higher. Sometimes it is in flood duty and easy to forget the stress, which is actually the goal of it all. I think that such an Olympic marathon runner has to have an idea of ​​targets in mind throughout the race to overcome all the suffering. He would also have to keep in mind that apparently doing everything just because of external rewards and punishments, but by choice. It's MY CHOICE.
  • 3rd ** Knowing your memory and study type, and maximum use of its advantages .** prefer visual material? Draw diagrams to visualize concepts such as images. You are more auditory type? Learn aloud, listen to explore, what the terms rhyme. Prefer solving problems, you have a good spatial imagination? Combine terms, imagine them in relations, test them in an imaginary world to manipulate.
  • 4th ** Severe test is stressor .** Learning can be stressful. May be associated with setbacks and sebeodříkáním that can jointly excite a variety of negative emotions. Frustration, irritability, anger, impatience, anxiety, and more. Admit them. Better then treated. Try to relax somehow. A good object for the release of accumulated energy can be a punching bag. But surely you find YOUR OWN useful and natural way to do it. Walk? Jogging? Composition of the coal piles? Hour of the techno? Exiting, entrusting a group of friends? Poplakání, vyzuření from someone you trust completely? „Suffocated“ in itself.
  • ** 5 Carefully choose the place where we learn .** Studies indicate that learning efektnímu would not be used fundamentally different from the environment in which I tried. This is the so-called „influence context.“ Of course, some can not learn in the classroom, but nature, attractive, exotic environment or an environment full of bright ideas also will not be changing it right. However, if you know about yourself that you need nothing but your nice comfortable rooms full of decorations that you have himself / herself created / and do not change it. Maybe you caught while / and that learning can imagine that you are in the examination room before the commission – for some it may be useful strategy for enhancing concentration and reducing anxiety.
  • ** 6th Use as much memory the guidelines .**

I can memorize the text and can not do a single. For quality and continuous remembering it is necessary to understand and refine the best agents from multiple angles. If for example. I will look at attitudes of authors about whom I'm learning, actively look for similarities and differences in their views on certain issues, he will try to build a custom category of topics, which speaks, and you'll also need to create their own subjective „hit parade“, depending on which I have a relationship with authors, I want the dense network of personal guides, ie. „Rudder“ that I will always guide you to the desired goal and the Small „naťuknutí“ theme I will be able to seamlessly „move“ at different levels on. World record holders in memory competitions can never remember a long series of letters, numbers or cards themselves. Always the „Recode“ into its own internal language and symbols, which means only they. They are used as so-called. „Method of loci“, which lies in the fact that I imagine the objects designed to remember in some imaginary world / space, as if they were real objects, then this space „through“. Then convert everything to a different type of experience, and remembering (IU using. called. autobiographical memory). So, in general, that what is self – actively created deliberately, are difficult to forget. Useful for some, and various mnemonic shortcut created in the form of the initial letters of the terms, names, etc.. This way I would recommend rather disjointed with enumerations.

  • 7th ** Maintain motivation .** In addition to the above in mind I am still useful state of „mild stress“ that accompanies learning. Some research in psychology has shown that after completion of the task we forget the details of its progress more easily. Simply: we know that such a situation where you know the phone number just in time before it vyťukáme the phone. Then forget it immediately. Therefore, purely for the good feeling, too I do not recommend testing before you completely relax with the words: „Thank God I can have everything.“
  • ** 8th Ensure the support area .** Having agreed on who to contact if they encounter something I do not understand. Who can I check if necessary, one for me for the necessary time it engages in other duties, affords me the luxury of a regular supply of food, drink and fruit. Having a close person who pushes me out the door, before the test to declare, that nowhere in the world for nothing'm not who I will keep my fingers crossed the next hour … Most important is the resulting feeling that you're not alone. And that is irreplaceable. And know that if such assistance in the event of success in itself will not be any less proud.

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