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Learning two languages? It is, but take time Added:5.4. 2009
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Learning two languages? It is, but take time

If you have hitherto thought that the fact you could even just report the two-subject study of languages, both languages ​​have ruled almost like native speakers, then you are mistaken. But as evidenced by Sarka (22), which is currently studying the second Filolgie year, majoring in Dutch – Italian at Charles University, certain skills you must have. And time.

** You chose study focused exclusively on language learning. Did you have before you reported it, some ideas about your future career? **

I did not have specific ideas, motivation for me was a rather good opportunity to learn the language and also culture, like literature or history, the language area.

** Were your language skills in both languages ​​the same when you reported to the school? **

Entrance exams are not held in Dutch, so that teaching in the first year ran from complete scratch. The Italian is required 16 lessons of self-taught, which is then verified by a written test. It consisted of a dictation and grammar and conversation in the second round of tests. Tests on different branches are independent.

** You'll remember more of what for you was the biggest pitfalls for the tests? What do you think would have had while preparing for exams this year focusing candidates? **

Both tests are carried out in two rounds, written and oral, with the fact that their is a little different character. In the first round of the Dutch study is a general philological test, the Italian language test, the facts and history. In the second round of the Dutch candidate will undergo an interview about the reality of the Dutch-speaking areas and the list of readings, as well as trying to ask about the motivation to study and write the test from the world language. The Italian once again held a conversation over a list of readings on basic issues of grammar and conversation followed with an Italian teacher. For me personally was probably the biggest pitfalls of the test in Italian, mostly dictates and conversation. Apart from the mandatory list of books read, which I think is better to load more than the minimum required number is certainly good to learn basic information about the area, such as history, politics and current affairs, to know even significant cultural personalities, etc. I recommend you also prepare a response to the question of why I want the field to study and what I wanted to do in the future.

** Ongoing teaching of both languages ​​equally? Approximately what proportion of subjects in a foreign language? **

Teaching takes place in some respects differently. The Dutch are starting completely from scratch, from the beginning teacher teaches, and about 3 hours a week. The Italian is connected to a level that was required at the entrance, lessons are twice a week and one hour of conversation with the teacher. In addition, there is the possibility of optional seminars. The clock on the Dutch will take place more or less from the second year in Dutch, and occasionally teachers commute from abroad, who either do not speak Czech. The Italian is spoken more in Czech.

** Where are the students of your school most frequently? **

In fact, it is possible to apply in any company that needs employees, where the language is spoken, and can teach the language, translate, make guides, etc.

** It seems to you personally challenging study of two languages? **

Difficulty for me lies mainly in time. In addition to the presence of the seminars is required to periodically prepare them most, particularly in the form of reading.

** Is there anything you changed in the studio, and vice versa, is something you appreciate? **

I would definitely appreciate a lot of options for studying abroad and generally modernizing the building faculty.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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