Notebook for the best essay Added:5.4. 2009
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Notebook for the best essay

Information Office of the European Parliament and Eurocentre Prague Competition for young people published under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ** literary essay competition ** the topics assigned. The competition is open to young people ** 15 to 20 years **.

For this year are listed three topics: 1 Five years, I have an EU citizen – has changed anything?, 2 European Elections 2009 – What are the European Parliament?, 3 23 official EU languages ​​- Would not it be easier to have just one? Texts of a length of 3 pages can be sent only in electronic form and to 23 ** April 2009 **.

The winner receives a laptop, as well as the location then MP3 player and fotoparát. The award ceremony will be held to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May at the Old Town Square in Prague.

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