JOBDAYS 2009: Hundreds of job offers in one place Added:4.4. 2009
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JOBDAYS 2009: Hundreds of job offers in one place

In Prague Incheba Arena ** ** ** will be held from 8 to 10 ** April for the second year of probably the largest employment fair for us – JOBDAYS 2009 **. ** Present there will be two hundred firms in the labor market and human resources consulting, Internet portals, offering employment and other experts active in the labor market. Most of them will offer free space for the general public, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Graduates can then take advantage of special offers and business information services center, which deals with the application of the graduates in the U.S. and EU.

On each day of the exhibition is also prepared an accompanying program which includes seminars, lectures, workshops and information about training or retraining.

The public area will be open on Wednesday 8th ** April 10 to 17 hours **, ** Thursday 9th April 10 to 19:30 am and Friday ** 10th ** April 10 to 19 hours ** Admission is free. The current list of exhibitors, an overview of our work and a detailed program of events go to „“:


Author: Černá, Lucie

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