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OSP vs TSP: a brief overview Added:11.4. 2009
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OSP vs TSP: a brief overview

OSP and TSP – these are shortcuts that lead to higher studies. These two ways of entrance examinations, although sounds very similar and both scholastic aptitude test, with not a little different. Let's get this clear.

What is ?

** ** OSP, or the general scholastic aptitude, tests are created by Scio. It serves as an entrance examination for several schools, the next it looks on. It is organized as part of a National Comparative Test (NSZ) in various cities in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in just six times (4 of them have already taken place, 2 we still waiting). A list of these schools, subjects and terms that take into account the NSZ visit „website“:…lty/info.asp.

** ** TSP (Test-Study) also verifies the student's general skills for study. These tests, however, is under the auspices of the Masaryk University in Brno as the main criterion for admission to all the faculties except the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Social Studies.

What do both tests in common is that they require no nabiflované encyclopedic knowledge, all relevant information is contained in the assignment (except of course the result).

What does the test consist ?

** Test ** OSP is divided into three separate parts: verbal, analytical and quantitative. The questions are in it and a total of 105 is reserved for them 105 minutes. However, each part is dealt with separately and the candidate must master it within 35 minutes. Verbal section verifies language skills – how well a student is able to use verbal expressions and how well he can navigate in the text. You will therefore complement the best word in the sentence, look for the most accurate synonyms and antonyms and determine what is in the text entered does not write or writes. The analytical part is still holding a bit in terms of language, but much more it must involve logical thinking. You get a set of facts and it is up to you to process and draw the necessary conclusions from them. It then tells you which of the answers offered in the entry is correct. This section also refers to the efficient organization of work. Final quantitative set of questions focuses on mathematical operations. Although the test is not designed to test knowledge, without some mathematical skills that can not do. Part of the questions focused on the comparison of two values ​​based on given facts, further validates the ability to work with graphs and the rest of the questions are simple word problems. Sample test of OSP can be found „here“:…_nsz_osp.pdf.

Study Test ** MU ** includes 70 questions divided into 7 areas (verbal thinking, analytical thinking, symbolic thinking, spatial imagination, analytical thinking, cultural overview, critical thinking) after ten issues. On the solution of problems you have 90 minutes. Verbal section – just like the OSP – language tests sentiment, but jobs are much more diverse. It deals with, among other things mnohovýznamovostí phrases semantic relationship between words and the correct use of the given grammar rules. Under the numerical sequence of thought can be found in various forms, and examples based on the calculation equations. To successfully solve problems of symbolic thinking is necessary to find relationships that govern individual rows or clusters of symbols and then correctly complete series or to derive the desired reality. Part of the spatial imagination requires the ability to „see“ how various manipulations to achieve the composition of objects, as can be rotated in space, or how they look from different angles. In terms of analytical thinking will often choose claim that logically follows from and enter the information therein. It is the analytical equivalent of a section of the OSP, but rather than sketches and notes here use the principles of predicate and propositional logic. The cultural survey is the question of different types – from geography, linguistics, art, history. A specialty is the Latin translation of an estimate quotation. The aim is not to test whether you wear the head wikipedia. Rather, just the ability to estimate, most of the questions because you do not know the exact answer, but you can derive it somehow. In the last range of issues relating to critical thinking is expected to select a specified claim or right the wrong argument. TSP tests from last year's, with the key can be downloaded „here“:…dmission/tsp.

When, where and under what conditions can pass the test ?

** ** OSP can be folded in 28 cities in CR and 3 cities in the Slovak Republic and the last two terms in the first and 30 May. It is necessary to apply in advance for the earlier date before 15 April and later for the 14th May. ** ** TSP are held in Brno on 9, 10 and 11 May 9th in Bratislava May. If you are reported to Masaryk University, you have selected the examination date when filing the application. Prepare yourself for the fact that both tests may only use stationery. Before the test, you better turn off all cell phone and have it on the bench only a pencil, pen and drink.

Prepare last minute ?

Even if you have to prepare for the next exam approximately one month, can still catch a lot of. Company Scio and educational agency (eg. Amos Rate Fido, Tutor) still offer preparatory courses, often called. intense. A good choice is to obtain tests from last year's flight (TSP are free to download from MU – see above, unfortunately the company Scio real tests from previous years only sells). Tests can then try on such terms as you have to test – on time and with only pencil and paper. The more tests you do, the better they will be in sharp focus test. This helps you create your own strategy and to better deal with time. Ujasníte also, to answer that question, and guess who is definitely not worth. For both tests, the fourth point is deducted for a wrong answer, but missed a question you get 0 points. For the classically correct 1 point. All errors compare with the solution and try to figure out why you thought wrong – although the questions are different, but the rules by which they are compiled, do not change. All practices use is also testing. Do not hesitate to ask friends and acquaintances who have passed tests – their experience you can prepare for the test as useful.

** Good luck! **

** Source: ** „web Scio“:, „web MU“:

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