Send a photo and go in all directions! Added:12.4. 2009
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Send a photo and go in all directions!

Just less than a month remaining until the start of the fifth year the festival is already present journalism ** ** all directions, which organizes the Prague College of Journalism. This year is the first time that opens to the general public. There will be ** 5 ** May premises Roxy / NoD (Long 33, Prague 1), from which the „one day and night“ becomes „environment for meeting and discussion of publicity, journalism, public space and communication in it.“

In connection with the upcoming festival organizers also announced its amateur photography competition ** ** with a peculiar assignment: „all directions“. Nevertheless, to be able to participate in the competition, you have to meet more of the following conditions:

  • You must be 15 to 26 years
  • You may not make a living as a professional photographer / wife
  • Your competition you must send the image in digital format (3000×2000 pixels, JPG format) no later than 26th ** ** April 2009, at the e-mail

(Detailed contest rules, see „here“:…-soutez.html).

Winner emerges from the 10 finalists who will be on the premises of the Roxy / NoD, an exhibition, and his name will be announced on the 5th May the festival just in all directions. And at what prices the authors can enjoy the best photos? Absolute winner receives a gift certificate in the amount of CZK 5,000 for a course IDIF (Institute of Digital Photography), working with publications Championship DSLR Evenings with the photographer, digital darkroom Neffův guide and a gift voucher worth CZK 500, – for products and services FotoŠkoda Center. The second in the order you may enjoy the gift certificate worth CZK 4,000 for a course IDIF and publications Championships work with light evenings with photographer and digital darkroom Neffův guide. Third best work will be rewarded with gift certificate in the amount of CZK 3,000 for a course IDIF Photos and publications, Evenings with photographer and digital darkroom Neffův guide.

Detailed information about the festival and its program and competition can be found on the „this site“:


Author: Černá, Lucie

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