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Study for entrance exams? Inspire on the Web Added:15.4. 2009
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Study for entrance exams? Inspire on the Web

It is April, a secondary school gates, and as it would in itself not enough, I have followed her mocking grin entrance exams to college. Those at most schools run from May to July. Preparing for the successful management of it is indeed difficult, but certainly not impossible. Contribute to it now can also Internet, which also saves considerable time. (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

The Internet now moves the world, and it is not surprising that it is used by the vast majority of schools. Even current students you would certainly confirm that at least a third of the studies performed using the Internet. Similarly, the global network but can serve well as all the candidates, since many schools are placed on their web site – in addition to recommended reading tests – the examples of entrance tests. They offered the school to which you apply, of course, would be the first to take you through. Error, but certainly do not, when your knowledge and be able to check the website faculties and fields of similar orientation.

Very sophisticated and well-organized site on the subject runs as „Masaryk University“:…ning/…; qurl = / do/1499/metodi­ka/stud/prijriz/tsp­.qwarp; move on = (MUNI). In the currently published over the 18 – and thus authentic – variation „Tests of study skills“:…em/index.php?… (TSP). How many points you have got to learn immediately, without having to send anything anywhere, or control themselves. Furthermore, the system can compare your answers with the results of previous experiments and even the results of last year's applicants. And if you have a website on the university-based email application, you can consult with the other candidates to address problems in the forum. The MUNI website, however, see the „older version of the TSP“: than just the last year. Remember, however, that the contents of the TSP is renewed annually and it will be no different this year. The length of the TSP, its structure and method of evaluation remain the same as last year: it will wait for you 70 jobs and take a half hours of time and even this is still true that for each wrong answer deducts part of the point.

Just as interactive quizzes, this time mainly in mathematics, also offers a „Czech Technical University“: Older sample tests then made public to all faculty in the University of Hradec Kralove: (For each section of candidates). Examples of tests for almost all of the faculty is also found on the website „, University of Pardubice“:…y/testy.html or some part of the site „Palacky University“: http:// /…maci-rizeni/. His tests are on the web and some of Tomas Bata University (for example, „Faculty of Applied Science“:…cky_vzor.pdf), University of South Bohemia (such as „Science“: http : / /…ro-uchazece/). Not lagging behind Technical University (IU. „Faculty of natural sciences, Humanities and Education“:…ukazky-testu or „Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Studies“: / en / receiver-driven), or the majority of faculty „, University of Jan Evangelista“:…-prijimaciho- rizeni.html or „Charles University“: University in Brno, then offers examples of the entrance to the „Faculty of Civil Engineering“:…SP_testy.asp, a variety of tests but also offers prague „University Economics“: http:// / download / index.php? cat = 27. This list is not exhaustive, of course, often the sample tests lie well within the characteristics of sub-disciplines. It only needs to look for.

In addition to the tests that come „direct from the source,“ Of course you can also use some commercial online tests and training courses, which generally promise a continuous training in the form of sending periodic testing and evaluation. Their price ranges from the order of several hundred to a few thousand crowns according to their length and complexity.

However, even though we said at the beginning, the Internet turns the world, one thing is certain: the entrance tests will not write. The training must always include myself. That it might not just be about cramming boring dates and historical data, but you learn more in „this article“:…em/index.php?….

Author: Černá, Lucie

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