Good girl: Will you come with me on the rag? Added:13.4. 2009
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Good girl: Will you come with me on the rag?

Student Rag Festival invites students: Join us and show your creativity.

Traditional Student Festival Rag is not just another music festival, but also a project which aims to promote student activities. On the site, therefore you are not only competitions and performances, but the choice of Rag Day King and race high schools.

** This year's novelty: Good girl .** My girl is „nice sirloin steak, which we made this entire Rag,“ explains festival organizers. Most of you know on the Web „“:, where the couple přichystaných Fork, photos from previous years and important information, you can find it on Facebook, where he will report on supporting events and publish Majáles latest news.

** How are you currently involved in the preparation of Rag Day? **

  • Log in themselves or their friends as candidates for Rag Day King. (Remuneration 5 000 CZK.)
  • Engage in the design competition best majálesového shirts. (Winner of the test flying paragliders, gets the money, four free entries to the rag, and even as a bonus winning t-shirt free.)
  • Subscribe to Jarmark student organizations. (Applications by 17 4th!)

** Important Dates ** 30th April – May Festival Prague, Stromovka 6th May – Hradecky Rag, Austen sets 7th May – Brno Rag, velodrome

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