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Czech Rag - Battle of Kings music to fair Added:19.4. 2009
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Czech Rag - Battle of Kings music to fair

Rag Day – the traditional student parade held to welcome the month of May under the auspices of the student organization StudentZone since 2004 the form of musical fun and not only them. Program year of 2009 are just getting solid shape.

When and where ?

Czech rag settled this year in four cities – the first celebration held in Pilsen 25th Lochotín of April, then 30th April in Prague in Stromovka, 6 May Šimkových Hradec Kralove in the park and at the end of the seventh May in Brno velodrome. Regular attendance includes tens of thousands of people around the city. Rag is actually kind of first tremor summer open-air festivals, but with an emphasis on a student-oriented events.

What happens ?

** 1 Will be elected king ** – Students from among university and secondary schools will rise sovereign Rag Day. It will do this but only with her royal entourage and a victory in the race of candidates. Pilsen King chooses students – with the support of his entourage are to attract and convince themselves and their election program. Králové Brno, Prague and Hradec Králové will also be elected by students (the electoral vote is part of the ticket). Candidates will however have to take a series of engagements in the main day of celebration. Demonstrate its strength in the tug of war, his mind clear of quiz charm in the discipline of Free style – your own short performances. Only then can come to the throne, Crown and pay 5000 CZK, which will all be victorious kings gement techniques.

** 2nd Fair begins ** – Prague and Brno to meet criers student organizations should highlight the main day of the stands. Their task is to attract the eyes of visitors and raise awareness of its existence and its projects and activities.

** 3rd There will be jugglers and jesters ** – Also, only in Prague and Brno will be held environmental performance fire show Pa-li-tchi. The audience will laugh privilege actors stand-up comedy show at stand-up. In addition, Prague witch arrives.

** 4th It will compete ** – For all those present are to prepare the additional competition and Performances. Eager for a contest going on for now. Come up with a truly original design majálesového shirts, will fly with paragliders, get 2 000 CZK to go free rag and throw on a T-shirt designed by you.

** 5 It will dance and sing ** – occupy a large part of the program music bands. Appears majálesové old standbys and new faces. To name Skyline Tleskac, Divokej Bill, Orion, The Prostitutes, Mig 21, a hundred animals or Tata Bojs.

How the ‚fun‘ is ?

The tickets will pay 170 to 190 in advance and from 230 to 250 on the spot. The ticket voucher serves as a freebie at the cinema and small discount according to the event.

Where to find current information ?

Of course, there are special „majálesový web“: As a key informant and was named bullhorn graphic character a good girl. What's new to learn from it also on Facebook, where she created custom organizers ‚work‘.

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