New graduation enters a general testing Added:21.4. 2009
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New graduation enters a general testing

Preparations for the launch of the new GCSE was completed submission of the draft decree on completion of education in public schools. After changing the management of CERM, which is responsible for a high school diploma, presented by its director Martin Mach cheaper new scoring system test adulthood. Completed exam sheets will be more schools svážet one place to capture.

Testing the new graduation will take place in several stages. To 6 May be tested in 65 schools and test methodology for evaluating their content. In subsequent phases of the trial proceed to all schools. In October, the organization will be checked and the logistics of state graduation examination. In three days you try all future graduates of educational tests for all compulsory subjects, namely the Czech language, foreign language and mathematics. In the third phase is primarily about the readiness of the evaluators.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has launched an information portal „www.novamatu­“: where they should find the information needed by teachers and students.

Sources: CERMAT (, MSMT

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