VSB-TU Ostrava: The greatest interest is in Economics and Management Added:17.4. 2009
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VSB-TU Ostrava: The greatest interest is in Economics and Management

In total 4200 applications filed students and graduates from secondary vocational schools and grammar schools in the three-year Bachelor of Economics Faculty of Technical University of Ostrava for the academic year 2009/2010. They are interested mostly from northern and central Moravia, who chose one of the study programs of the faculty. (In the new academic year will open four.)

Eight fields of study will be opened at the remote sites in Uherske Hradiste, Valašské Meziříčí Šumperk. The most popular program of Economics and Management, to which almost half of reported candidates.

Entrance exams to study in bachelor degree programs are implemented on the basis of this selection process, which is the basic criterion for selection of the National Comparative test result achieved in a test of general study skills through „www.scio.cz“: http://www.scio . cz, sro

Of the six deadlines where visitors can log in and pass these tests, two more left – 1 and 31 May 2009.

Source: VSB-TU Ostrava

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