COMPARISON OF COURSES: Graphic Design Added:21.4. 2009
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„A good graphic design makes life easier, saves money and natural resources, enhance brand value, which promotes, makes, communicates, informs and assists and is beautiful.“ (Martin Pecina, the Union of Graphic Design). And where good graphic design to learn? There are several possibilities. Note: Article was updated on 24 11th 2009 (-goose-)

University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem – Faculty of Art and Design

Field Name **: ** Graphic Design ** Type of study: ** full-time four-year bachelor ** Characteristics of the study: ** Graphic Design in Usti taught in two graphic studios. Graphic Design Studio I offer students work on posters, typographic tasks, web pages, animations and overall company image. Its main aim is to bring graphic-designers, who will be able to create their own project, implement it, find it for clients or create a social demand. The basic element of expression in the studio becomes a poster on his work focuses on the expression of ideas and then to use forms. Graphic Design Studio II, pushes students to inform their own abilities and offers them the opportunity to find other methods and techniques that can be used to create. Axis of the study are so-called final works awarded in the following semester assignments. Students also attend a mandatory practice in studies of printers, publishers or agencies of your choice and consultation with teachers. ** Graduates ** Graduates find employment in graphic studios, advertising agencies, as teachers at secondary schools of art as self-employed artists. They can also pursue master's program in Applied Arts, which has again two studios focusing on graphic design. ** Admission ** Applications should be submitted by 31 December 2009. Last year, in each of the studio was taken after eight students from 18 people claiming the studio No. I and 15 claiming the studio No. II. The entrance examination consists of six parts. For Graphic Design Studio I, applicants first submit their homework, then pass examination of the composition, pass the interview, it is also tested for drawing and painting, and finally pass the test of art history. Graphic Design Studio II also requires applicants for domestic work and interviews, as well as testing the ability to create graphic design, drawing and working with fonts. The final part is again a written test in art history. ** Source and further information: ** „Website of the Faculty of Art and Design“:, „site Graphics Studio I: and "II“:

University of Technology – Faculty of Fine Arts

Field Name **: ** Fine Arts – Graphic Design ** Type of study: ** full-time four-year bachelor ** Characteristics of the study: ** Graphic design is the two BUT Brno profile studios. The first of these – Graphic Design Studio – is to equip its students professional knowledge and competence in the areas of desktop publishing, web pages and visual presentations. It also puts emphasis on good orientation in the contemporary world of visual communications. Connects students' skills in practical subjects with the theoretical knowledge in the subjects not only technological. The second is the studio and book paper. Here is trying to instill the concept of the book as an artistic medium. Students working on topics that are awarded to the studio for one or two semesters. Together they meet at seminars discussing the tasks, establish their own research. Custom themes are required only from the higher grades. The basis of the studio's work is to create a distinctive form of books. After abslovování undergraduate studies may focus on creating, or continue in master studies in the same studios. ** Admission ** Applications can be submitted by 20 November 2009 electroni­cally, by 27 November submitted a paper form. Entrance examinations take place in two rounds. Candidates first giving your homework and based on a narrower group is selected for the second round. It consists of aptitude test and a test of knowledge of art history and general cultural survey. At the final interview, then they are invited only candidates who have the maximum possible score of 60 points in the first two rounds have achieved at least 39 points. ** Source and further information: ** „Website of the Faculty of Fine Arts“:…ijimaci.html, „Graphic Design Studio“: http://agd.ffa.vutbr. com / index.htm, and "Studio Paper and Paper:

Tomas Bata University in Zlín – Faculty of Multimedia Communications,

Field Name **: ** Multimedia & Design ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three full-time ** Characteristics of the study: ** study graphic design takes place within the field of graphic design studio. It focuses on most aspects of the field: typography, corporate design, logo, brand, architecture, books, posters, billboards, manual design, graphic design web sites or CD-ROM. Students also can not do without computer skills and basic graphics programs, as well as craft without gaining knowledge. They should implement their own projects to manage both the creative and in terms of computer data processing. The school also emphasizes the overlap in the area of ​​video and animation. ** Graduates ** Graduates can apply as independent artists, graphic designers and advertising teams even in industry. Their employers may be DTP studios, agencies, marketing and advertising teams. They can also continue into the master's studio in Studio Graphic Design and Multimedia Design field. ** Admission ** The exam is two. First, applicants submit their homework. The second round will then participate in creative tests, then a written test of general cultural overview and orientation in the field of graphic design, typography and computer graphics. The last part consists of an oral interview focused on student motivation and interest in the field. 10 candidates were accepted from 143 submissions. Applications must be submitted by 30 November 2009. ** Source and further information: ** „Website of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications“:….

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen – Department of Art and Design

Field Name **: ** Illustration and Graphics – graphic design specialization ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three full-time Characteristics of study ** ** Composition courses include practical subjects such as fundamentals of graphical editors for creating art, typeface design, visual studies, interpretation of graphic expression, digital photography, drawing, painting, modeling. This completes the theoretical knowledge in the field of history and art generally, copyright or use of color, light, space and composition in the work. Mandatory teaching the English language. ** Graduates ** Graduates should find employment in advertising agencies and graphic studios. The knowledge gained will be the basis for the creation of posters, billboards, catalogs, will also be able to work with graphics programs. ** Admission ** Applications should be submitted like any other art for 30 November 2009. They consist of two rounds. First, are reviewed applicant's hou­sehold work and then running aptitude test. Sample the award can be found „here“: ** Source and further information: ** „web site Institute of Art and Design“:…lustrace.php.

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