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ISC - parallel life among international students Added:23.4. 2009
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ISC - parallel life among international students

„Íescéčko a second life,“ says Linda Hanouskova, president of the student club that focuses on students from abroad.

College may be in addition to the well of wisdom to become a treasure trove of experiences. The people with whom they may be on campus to experience our country, more and more come from the farthest corners of the world. Among the temporary visitors from Poland, Spain and America in the Czech classrooms gain more and more Japanese or Koreans. About who is on them after arrival at our old home, and how to integrate the Czech students, we had a chat with Linda Hanousková ** (21) **, president of the International Student Club MU Brno, os

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** We are doing the fifth month club, which is dedicated to foreign students. How would you describe his work? **

We are an International Student Club of Masaryk University, which seeks to provide foreign students with different activities to enable them to integrate in the local environment. We are them, they stay in the Czech Republic as easy as possible because it can not Czech, and English is not all agree. We offer them our tutors, a sort of guide to studying in the Czech Republic, assisting them with practical matters, as well as activities which are able to meet among themselves and fill their free time.

** How does this activity look like? **

We organize various tours of Glasgow and the surrounding area. We take them to the zoo or the galleries that have tasted some of the local culture. We have evenings with board games and so-called „cinema evenings, where they were embarking on Czech films. Wednesday are the most popular: the program are "country-presentation“ in which groups of students have a short presentation, which tries to bring interesting and engaging. Often with tasting of typical national dishes. Each semester begins with a presentation of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, where they offer such as bread and salt, drowned and other Czechoslovak specialties that are not quite exotic. Although nationality repeat each semester is totally different. Maybe the Spaniards, which is here much, that often have a style.

** So where anyone can come and see? **

Yes, but must pay a symbolic entrance fee. For members of the club is free.

** And many of those members anyway? **

Czechs us here about a hundred and fifty one of many foreign ones. Each semester there is coming more and more. Last semester there were over three hundred foreign students, about one hundred of them remained there for the next semester, come some new. Spring is usually weaker.

** It is one hundred and fifty Czechs to double the number of foreigners a little? **

Not. Now in the spring even some foreign students are no volunteers left. It some tutors as guides say, are responsible for two foreign students, some even four.

** How often so tutors which correspond with their wards? **

The other side of tutoring is about as follows: once we get a list of university students who arrive, it will contact their tutors. Upon arrival, lead them to college, help them sign up and stay, settle, or insurance card for public transport. That is their main job, if converges, and befriends, depends on them whether they sházet more often.

** I assume that the minimum which correspond to the theme parties, which on Wednesday followed by country presentations … **

Yes, there is always full and mate until the morning. „Erasmáci“ It really is not ashamed to launch full :-). Each party has a theme, and this usually means that the Cuban night at Cuba Libre be cheaper :-). Party with costumes are once a fortnight, we need eighties, rock the party, a party with balloons … now as a party, where students come dressed as the opposite sex. Our club members are admitted free, but others may also come to see, just to give twenty or thirty crowns the entrance to the club.

** Where all this takes money? **

Center for International Studies at Masaryk University pay us rent a room, we have at the Medical Faculty. And then we draw from fees from members – for foreign students is that the five hundred crowns, the Czech hundred. It then can sponsor foreign students and they seek our organized tours offered as cheaply as possible.

** Club members must meet some requirements, such as with regard to foreign language? **

No entrance test does not write here :-). Each candidate shall complete an entry form and check the language that dominates, so even those who do not speak English, the student can get from the German, Italian or even French-speaking countries.

** It is usually easy to understand? **

Mostly yes, but it happens that beginnings are hard. Some students do not speak English very well – but all „erasmáci“ always among them English, thanks to the constant need to communicate better, that much is known.

** How did you actually responsible for the feature get? **

Well, it was an interesting way. I'm here again for so long, it will be just one year. Through excursions, I started to be more interested in the core of the club, I stood for election and was elected.

** What do you do in Ukrainian Your Leisure? **

It better not counting :-) But I was not ashamed to compare it to the full-time job.

** There are moments when you regretted? **

Certainly not. "Íescéčko 'is a second life – one must always be on the phone and always something to solve, but they are irreplaceable experiences in life – you meet many people here and abroad and is able to communicate in a foreign language, which is nowhere else so easily achievable.

[Http://img1.raj­­9/1849027_851f2ba8ed­f292eb65d5e65f8d43716a/i­mages/P1280846­.JPG * *] / / What is the ISC Brno?

International Student Club in Brno (ISC Brno) is a civic association volunteered to help foreign students to stay in the Czech Republic and prepares them for the program. The club consists of Czech students, who make their colleagues from afar guide, organized tours for them or help with running the club. The club presidents Linda Hanouskova which was set up by the Centre for International Studies at Masaryk University in the summer of 2003. Since August 2004, ISC Brno, a member of the Europe-wide network of international student clubs, the Erasmus Student Network, which collects similar student clubs in all cities (in Brno only work a total of three clubs – the University, BUT i MUAF) across Europe.

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