Mensa offers the CR in May and June special IQ tests Added:23.4. 2009
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Mensa offers the CR in May and June special IQ tests

The test is independent of acquired knowledge, but rather focusing on the search for logical relationships between the universal graphic symbols, provides for the determination of IQ society Mensa CR. In late April, it is possible to have a test in Prague, Brno, Domažlice Pribram and Usti nad Labem, during May and June in other cities.

Price as tested is 290, – CZK adults, 190, – CZK students with ID card.

Test will also be possible in all regional cities in the fifth term National comparative trials, which will first May 2009. I implemented this test by Mensa CR.

CR is part of Mensa Mensa International, an organization bringing together people with an IQ in the range top 2% of the population. The world has less than one hundred thousand members, the Czech Mensa members around two thousand.

** List places and dates: **

April 21 Prague 6 – 3 Zavadilová April 22 Domazlice – High School April 23 Usti nad Labem – School of Business, the National Resistance 17 April 29 Pribram – Jiráskovy School Record April 29 Brno – DDM JUNIOR Dornych 2 May 4 Vsetin – Cube High School, under the 1666 cake May 18 Pilsen – Skvrnany District Library in Pilsen, Machackova 28, 1 floor May 28 Ostrava – School Pasteur 7 May 29 Humpolec – School Halkova June 1 Holýšov – School Holýšov June 2 Bridge – 15th School John Amos Comenius June 3 Podebrady – Podebrady School, School 556

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