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Not as a doctor or a doctor Do not Know Ph.D. Added:29.4. 2009
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Not as a doctor or a doctor Do not Know Ph.D.

That is not a doctor as a doctor, he knows everyone. The differences are not only targeting training pursued field but also in the length of study, and especially in the very conception of this title. In real life that you know at a glance: Ph.D. (Or Th.D.) is always to find the name. But you know what it means and what it leads the way?

Making sense of all those titles, which sometimes must be surrounded by only one name from all sides, is sometimes a nice challenge. In recent years, more often just for example, and the title of Philosophiae Doctor, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), which replaced the previously used Ph.D. degrees. and Dr. (see „Act No. 111/1998 Coll.“:…111_1998.pdf). This is why its taking so abounded.

Big vs.. Small

Ph.D. (Th.D. analogy then, a doctor of theology, hence the DBA, Doctorate of Business Administration) is a scientific and academic titles, says the name has always and is separated by a comma. Was taken over from Anglo-Saxon countries, and therefore reads mostly like [Ms. EJC EVERY] and less like [the hook pé de]. Sometimes, in the context you can meet with „great doctor“ services, which differs from the so-called „small doctorate“ degrees which are listed as „Mgr.“: Http://www.vy­­tem/index.php ? article = 2768 & id = 2589, „Ing.“:…em/index.php?…, „Mgr.“: / index.php? article = 2768 & id = 2536 and more (in terms of the exact hierarchy should be established, however, even the category „Greatest Doctor“, because „the Ph.D. is still standing scientific degree“ DSc. "http://…, that are often forgotten).

PhD job is to work (and other obligations …)

To achieve a Ph.D. We are in need (1) successfully complete the so-called post-(or „doctor“:…em/index.php?…) study, finish it (2) State doctoral exam and (3) advocacy of „thesis“:…em/index.php?…. It is often the result of long research, which should lead to new findings. The stated purpose of the work is to demonstrate that the student has all the prerequisites for independent research, scientific, theoretical and creative activity. Doctoral studies can be at most schools to study both full and in combined form, the standard length is usually three or four years, the maximum period of study at various schools, then somewhere between five and eight years ago. Advantages and disadvantages of both forms of study are obvious: they have to decide whether to study or work, or whether to study and work at it. None of the versions but no less demanding. Eventually chose a combination of both such as a PhD student at the Faculty of Arts section. Jiri Bouda. "I work in the same field that I studied in the trials are ongoing now. The advantage for me is the opportunity to spread the study for several years, "he says. But adds that it is still very time consuming. "I work in the museum and doctoral studies is more on edge, really do not know whether to the obligations museologists, fieldwork and publishing studies ever done, I have yet to start work. The Department nearly withholding taxes, communicating by email. Actually I can not imagine not working while studying externally without internet communication, "he adds.

Contents === === and course of study Postgraduate study differs from other „lower“ types of studies differ mainly in that it is subject to individual curricula under the guidance of a supervisor. The content of the study itself depends on the objectives of the doctoral student and planned to change its theme. The course of study monitors and evaluates the so-called departmental council. The study is not, moreover PhD, loans for studying is provided stipend (averaging around 7,000 crowns, but this amount will vary at different schools). At some schools, is moving and growing with the passing years vystudovanými, many offer extra incentives such as scholarships for study quality and results of scientific or grants in support of accommodation. During doctoral studies, but generally only in the early years, student test consists of professional (and usually two to three year), and continuously demonstrates that working on his dissertation. Furthermore, should publicly publish its technical (or scientific) studies and articles.

So much theory. But what about in practice? A very illustrative example of the doctoral study does not only bring pleasure, but also sorrow, brings „the talk“:…UM-5367.html published on the web site forum at Charles University.


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Author: Černá, Lucie

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