Part of Prague's Rag Day is the art in the metro Added:27.4. 2009
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Part of Prague's Rag Day is the art in the metro

Performances, exhibitions, concerts and breakdancing revive the atmosphere of Prague's subway this year's Rag Day. On Thursday 23 and Monday, the 28th April, the four busiest stations in the period from 15.00 to 19.00 hours introducing young artists. „Each station has a different focus and you can watch a short entertaining mime, performance art, one-man show, a sports club, music, reading of original texts, and many more,“ said spokeswoman Elizabeth Majáles Pavlínová.

** ** Station Museum will focus on performance, ** ** Bridge to the music of student bands at the Republic Square ** ** scene and will move to Florence ** ** art scene.

This event called Rag Underground is the third year.

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