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Poll: Possible extra income while studying Added:3.5. 2009
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Poll: Possible extra income while studying

Most of the future university students considered that would have the leisure time spending money on various brigades. The following article describes to you what you can expect and what the experience of students and students from various Czech university towns.

When you find a job in the first place think of how much time ** ** these secondary activities will have **. ** Especially in high school years and peak pressure for the next issue of energy may not have even thought of. Then it pays to look for work rather in the field that studies:

Dusan, Economics Faculty, Masaryk University in Brno: „Even during the first two, three semesters, when I had so many responsibilities, so I tried various brigades – unloading the truck, preparing for Christmas decorations, telemarketing … Then I found a permanent job in a domain, by studying I endured a half years .. Currently, it ends with the final work to catch up or brigade pomyslieť and begin to look for something rather more constant, where I could embark on their studies. “

Of course, the more fortunate students will be able to disciplines with practical application. Employers also will appreciate any ** no ** experience, and therefore it freshman may not be so interesting. Similarly, our respondent had a job-search until the last years of study.

Iva, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno: „In the early studies was the priority for me and after school jobs for I was not looking, so I can not judge how difficult it is to get some. Later I began to look for a job as a practice in the field and that I, due to its specialization, no problem. “

Sooner or later the question will appear on your linguistic skills **. ** In some cities in this direction can bounce off of specific barriers, as evidenced by the following response:

[* Orig_tin.jpg. (Miscellaneous Brigade will help at least a little extra income (photo: stock.xchng) <] * *** Different brigades will help at least a little extra income (photo: stock.xchng) *

Theresa, a private high school in Karlovy Vary: „Actually, in Karlovy Vary with heavy brigades, if one can not Russian. The Russian is all based here. Only such tastings in shopping malls on the outskirts of Russian not required, but are not well paid. “

When looking for student work is essential to the Activity **. ** One can not just sit back and wait for the right offer comes after him alone. Find what you are happy, may indicate the unsuccessful job interviews, pointless standing around in long queues and disappointment at the job description. As you can see, not always because it depends on your skills:

Elizabeth, Faculty of Philosophy, University of West Bohemia: „From my own experience I can say that much depends on luck. Being at the right time at right place, at least if you have special requirements on time, if you can not afford to relax for a few days a week from school. And note that going to school with me in this regard has paid off. I learned about the various projects that are underway at the university and part-time job where they can engage students. “

Many problems can solve the election of the University, which offers its students has itself **. ** By monitoring the various offers and ads on school bulletin boards and Web sites can actually come across a very interesting possibilities that you can bring extra bits and valuable addition to credits. How can such a work look, describes the following message:

Elizabeth, a private high school in Brno: „With voluntary work in high school I never had a problem, our School offers writes itself. Just choose. There are so many options that it depends on the person wants to do. Through the brigade may be organized on the open doors, help to organize various events and assistance to municipal authorities. “

Option offers a lot will also depend on the size ** of **, where you study. The small college town, the more eager students the extra money. Highly competitive and very attractive offer and further describes the response from our survey:

Eva, Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia Czech Budejovice: „Find a job in Czech Budejovice is not very easy. Demand for a lot of extra income exceeds supply. Advertisements on the Internet can be quite misleading to the interview to find out a lot of surprising information. There are also leaflets in supermarkets in different stores, but everything is very fast busy. Moreover, the financial rating of about 50–60 CZK net is not tempting. “

A completely different situation appears to be in large cities. But there can be problems for other species ** **:

Paul, Hussite Theological Faculty, Prague: „In Prague, the brigade can hit virtually every corner. The question remains on whether it is a good brigade. Anyway pay more in Prague than anywhere else in the country, it's a great quest for money and often turn you into trying "sedřít skin“ in places where you would expect. Anyway, so I recommend asking for offers by Reference friends. "

When searching for a testing brigades remember that you are entitled to know all the conditions of work in advance, read the contract before signing, and complaining of any problems. Brigades are a kind of test for future work – and sometimes it pays to treat them just as a valuable experience **. **

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