The CTU will open a new Faculty of Information Technology Added:1.5. 2009
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The CTU will open a new Faculty of Information Technology

Already in the academic year 2009/2010 undergraduate students could take on a new cycle ** ** Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), which at its 22nd session April 2009 approved the Academic Senate of CTU.

Prague will be the first faculty of similar interests. Until now it was possible to a similar study reported only in Brno, at the local „technical college“:…em/index.php?… or the "Masaryk University ':…em/index.php?…. The CTU has been until now teaching IT implemented only at the Department of Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering.

The authors of the proposal to establish a new faculty for example, argued that the current labor market suffers from a significant shortage of highly qualified experts in the field of ICT (Guided by the results of some surveys, in which they said no to 2000 per year). The full text of thesis project FIT CTU visit „this site“:…s/tezeFI.pdf.

Detailed information on admission procedures and other procedures for new faculty will be available in the coming days, watch the „here“:

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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