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Poll: Secondary school or college life? Added:1.5. 2009
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Poll: Secondary school or college life?

College life is surrounded by many legends. The best years of his life, an endless party, open the gates to the world. College life is really so much better than high school? It also has some downsides? When asked whether they would elect a high school or college life, current undergraduates answered.

University life. Without discussion. Compared with the middle man develops more and more involved in running the school, where he takes as a colleague. There are no teachers' something to say and that's it for me after two o'clock in the afternoon goes out "to his field is truly dedicated to in depth. In addition, height is generally not so difficult. The theory that height is difficult and few people give it, which scares pupils, secondary school teachers, with the practice of passing. But of course nothing is not free.

** William Jurek, the fifth edition of landscape engineering, Mendel University, Brno **

Definitely college. I'm not so much tied to the school as an institution, I have a freer schedule, more time for myself and the possibility of a large city. The downside is perhaps that the height of a man far less classmates with whom he sees regularly, and form so different than the teams in high school. I was disappointed in the attitude of some teachers and their quality. I imagined that we will make more, or that give us better access to information while they are in essence one.

** Kim Rabbit, the second annual International Development Studies, Palacky University, Olomouc **

College life has brought me so much more. Empowerment, entertainment, focus on the subject on which I am interested in, and a greater range of life options and experiences.

** Adam Vacula, the second edition of Psychology, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, Prague **

Hard to say. High school was a certainty. Personally, I had a lot more free time. Although I was upset to prepare „from hour to hour,“ bored with my exam, testing at the blackboard – the very unpleasant things! But it is high (at least in my field) quite similar. We also have training from hour to hour. And it's not the tasks of kterýma to spend an hour or two, and dawdle away the rest of the afternoon with friends. The last time I did the job just one subject about 4 hours! In addition, a schedule of eight in the morning until eight in the evening is too much of anything. In high enough to try a little, nepobuřovat, and one should be sure that nothing happens and he somehow crawls. Here are expected performances, not just the exam. When the plan not pay, so you fly! But if I had to choose, and some height. Although I'm still here and doing stressful things that make me tired, but still it's probably a little better.

** Hana statutes, Czech philology and history, Palacky University, Olomouc **

Both have something to himself. Generally speaking, of course I can, but my field is so that they do not see much after school, so everyone is after their lectures and the other does not solve much. At the middle we were a better team and I felt better in a permanent team.

** Paul Lečbych, the fifth year of teaching at secondary schools – the foundations of social sciences and arts, University of Ostrava, Ostrava **

Absolutely college life. It's all about freedom – you can do whatever he wants, has plenty of optional subjects which need to walk to work on time and temporary jobs, lots of vacations. It's stereotype as a medium where students must sit from Monday to Friday at the bench. At the height of a man begins to really enjoy life, going to pubs and need not worry that he was waiting for school tomorrow, can spend all day in bed quietly. And no such examination is not a myth, schools generally cheaper from their requirements, and some tests are no longer really a parody. The height is necessary to become fully independent, learn to take care of yourself, iron, wash, cook, and it is always useful. Who does not go to college, making a huge mistake, because the height is not only teaching, but mostly enjoying the carefree life.

** Luke Hladiš, the third year of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology, Brno **

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