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Despite the ongoing economic crisis, tourism remains an important field, which is reflected not only in economics, but also transport, environment, regional development and of course in individual leisure activities. Students of this field and have a very wide range of applications. See where everywhere and how the industry Tourism study. (First article was updated on the 12th, 2009)

University of Hradec Kralove == ==

Faculty of Informatics and Management

Study program: ** ** Economics and Management Bachelor study: Management of Tourism ** ** (K, P, 3 years)

=== About the studio

The study is generally focused on theoretical, methodological and expertise in the field of tourism. Emphasis is placed on working with information, the ability to communicate in a foreign language (students after graduation are able to communicate in at least one world language specialist at the state examination) and the master of presentation, analytical and organizational activities. The studies are also courses in management, marketing and applied strategies in the management and development of tourism, work with computer programs and many others.

Admission tests === === Entrance test for management of tourism industry consists of a written test of general knowledge (geography and civics (see sample test „here“:…4/mcr-vz.pdf )) and a written test in English (the terms „here“:…y_aj_mcr.pdf, sample test, „here“: / public/4/b_ke­y2.pdf) or German (the terms „here“:…y_nj_mcr.pdf, sample test, „here“: http://www.­ty/public/4/njmcr­.pdf) language.

=== Graduates

Graduates have a wide application to managerial positions in tourism, either in individual businesses (travel agencies, recreation centers, etc.) or in state administration institutions (administrations of national parks, recreational areas, etc.) in the Republic and other EU countries. Part of the qualification and licensing of tourist guide.

** Web: ** „“:

University of Economics in Prague

Faculty of International Relations === ===

Study program: ** ** International Economic Relations Bachelor's degree course: ** Tourism and Regional Development ** (P, 3 years)

=== About the studio

This study focuses, as the name implies, in particular the development issues (with regard to economic development, solving problems of employment and to protect its natural and cultural wealth.) Assumptions and tourism development. During the study, students meet with courses in general economics and with objects that correspond to their subsequent branch profiling. You can choose from specialized tourism, corporate tourism and regional development. The emphasis is however placed on foreign language communication – it illustrates the fact that students should be after graduating able to actively communicate in two languages.

Admission tests === === The entrance examination for this study takes place in mathematics and two foreign languages ​​at GCSE level state school. Languages ​​can be chosen from the following menu: English (UK), French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish.

=== Graduates

Graduates of bachelor degree are applied not only in firms, organizations and institutions focused on tourism, but also for example in the regional offices, departments of regional development, regional tourism information centers, in advisory and consulting firms, etc.

** Web: ** „“:

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno

=== Faculty of Business and Economics

Study program: ** ** Economics and Management Bachelor's degree course: ** Tourism ** (P, 3 years)

=== About the studio

Studies educates future graduates for independent orientation in the tourism industry, the ability to apply theoretical concepts into practice and identifying appropriate strategies based on analysis of the current state. Additionally, gaining a general managerial-economic survey in the area of ​​business in tourism and destination management, including the influences that have on regional development and society in general. Featured items include, inter alia, the Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Destination Management, Rural tourism in sustainable regional development, regional tourism products and others. This branch in his description also frequently emphasizes collaboration with practitioners, including the professional associations, municipal, office or travel with hotel managers, etc., and also focus on the development of independent and creative approach in dealing with students' current issues, studies or tests.

=== Graduates

Bachelor degree graduates are prepared to work in the business tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, transportation, professional associations, etc.). But they can assert themselves in managerial positions (in state and regional spheres, agencies, interest groups, regional development agencies and other institutions and organizations of similar orientation).

Admission tests === === Admission exam will be held from mathematics and one foreign language, which takes the form of electronic test .. Since the obligation to take the entrance examination is exempt applicants who performs the test N8rodních comparative tests of mathematics and foreign languages ​​(En, Ger, Fj or SJ) in both tests, is positioned between 40% successful.

** Web: ** „www.pef.mende­“:…m/bakalarske # CR

College of Polytechnics Jihlava

Bachelor's degree course: ** Tourism ** (P, 3 years)

=== About the studio

During their studies, students learn to independently manage the businesses in tourism, but for example they organize work and coordinate subordinate staff (some subjects are so focused on teaching social communication and communication in team work, coordination, workflow, etc.). Other articles focus on specific activities in the service of both active and passive tourism, the methods of staff management issues and labor relations, as for example the legal and economic aspects of management (legislation and standards in tourism, accounting, budgeting, evaluation of the achieved economic results, etc.), use of information systems and information technology in the provision of tourism services and much more.

Admission tests === === The entrance examination consists of two written tests, electronic, and although the test in English or German language student choice (50 questions, three of the proposed answers, only one of which is correct) and a test of general knowledge.

=== Graduates

Graduates can get at various positions in business and public entities (travel agencies and offices, information center, cultural heritage, tourism departments of municipal and regional authorities, etc.). The key areas of application for graduation in this field are primarily commercial, business, operational or management activities at the middle level management structure. Students often apply to a variety of management positions in all forms of business in the state and public administration: as assistants to top management, officers at middle management levels in the area of ​​human resource management, regional and municipal authorities, managers, executives and prokuristé in small and medium-sized tourism companies, tourist information centers officers, guides, managers of cultural heritage, etc.

** Web: **

Masaryk University in Brno

Faculty of Arts

Study program: ** Economic Policy and Administration ** Bachelor's degree course: ** Regional Development and Administration **, direction: ** Regional Development and Tourism ** (P, K, 3 years)

=== About the studio

This study focuses more on economic aspects of tourism operations, both at regional and national economies. Students learn while studying with the macroeconomic aspects of tourism and its social and geographical differences. In the practical part of study to learn to master various skills to work in management and marketing in tourism.

Admission tests === === The entrance examination is held in the form of written test study assumptions (TSP), which is ready Masaryk University Rector's Office and is more common for faculty MUNI.

=== Graduates

Graduates find wide practical application in both business activities in tourism and in the management of regional and local public administration.

** Web: **

Other schools offering tourism industry

  • Public schools:

Silesian University in Opava

Business Administration in Karviná

Study program: ** ** Economics and Management Bachelor Study: Economy ** Tourism ** (P, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…

University of Hradec Kralove == ==


Study program: ** ** Philology Bachelor's degree course: ** Foreign Languages ​​for Tourism ** – English, German, French or Russian (P, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:

  • Private schools:

High School of Commerce in Prague

Bachelor's degree program: ** Tourism ** (P, K, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…

Bachelor's degree program: ** Science in Tourism ** (P, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…

Bachelor's degree program: ** Air transport services in tourism ** (P, K, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…

High School == hotel in Prague

Bachelor's degree course: ** Tourism Destination Management ** (P, K, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…udium-nav33/ # 2

High School of Tourism, Hotel and Spa

Study program: ** ** Economics and Management Bachelor study: Management of Tourism ** ** (P, K, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:…

College of Business and Hotel Management

Bachelor study: Management of Tourism ** ** (P, K, 3 years)

** Web: ** „www.hotskola­“:

  • Higher professional schools:

College of Tourism Carlsbad

Study program: ** Tourism ** Bachelor's degree course: ** Hospitality and Tourism, Tourism ** (P, 3 years)

** Web: ** „“:

College == == AHOL

Study program: ** Tourism ** (P – 3 years, K – 3.5 years)

** Web: ** „“:…ni-ruch-c89/

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