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Pearls from maturities 2 Added:7.5. 2009
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Pearls from maturities 2

Stress before graduation slowly reaches its peak, and maybe it will appear as a nightmare. Because of growing pressure from all sides, deserve the opportunity to lighten the situation a bit. Therefore, we have prepared the funniest records of statements uttered by the GCE your predecessors.

Eternal source of entertaining stories is what happens graduated from the Czech **. ** It must pass each – or less successfully. In a flurry of works and names, then we can easily mistake is guaranteed to entertain the jury. Here are some examples:

„The ancient writers such as it was the fever.“

"Arabesques? You wrote Arbes! "

"The Czech anthem was also involved in Skvorecky.

„Krakatit the castle in Poland.“

„To our oldest literature is the poem to be housewives, have mercy me!“

„One of the Lesser Tales is a week in the Pacific.“

„Don Quixote was the great seducer …“

Who would you remember all those kings, generals, and famous battles of the Agreement. Graduate of History ** ** really requires great courage. It is no wonder that occasionally blow something together:

„Muhammad was a Jew and the Koran written in India.“

„Who were the warriors? Well it was for the Bolshevik Revolution … “

„Jungmann created lots of new words. So maybe the kapesnos. “

The flood of information, sometimes even drowning maturující of geography **. ** Think twice previously, even if your answer makes sense:

„France is a republic and has about thirty thousand inhabitants. Actually, no, three hundred thousand! “

„Caribbean Sea … There is a lot of water!“

„In Spain, the main stream of religious orthodoxy. The monuments including the Colosseum, we can see. “

Nervousness but definitely do your if you have to articulate ideas in a language other than their own. The most famous sayings and created just for graduation from a foreign language **. ** A few examples:

„I think I am shellfish.“ (I think I'm shellfish. Correct: I am Selfish – selfish.)

The student reads the text: „Ich bin schon.“ (I. Right: Ich bin schön – I'm nice.)

„Help I Said, But he put a knife on me and ended me.“ (I said help, but he put a knife on me and stopped me.)

But do not be frightened by these inflammatory situations. It's just a little „foul“, you certainly like pardons commission. At least you have much to tell ** ** when it's all behind you!

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