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Poll: College vs. digs Added:9.5. 2009
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Poll: College vs. digs

Night party in the hallways or peace and quiet on learning? What do students prefer, they have experience with housing? What is the difference in the comfort of homes and college dormitories?

** Jiri Charvat, Philosophical Faculty UP Olomouc – JL Fisher College (BA), Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague – Krc in digs (Master's degree) ** The tracks in Olomouc liked. A single fly was that during my stay in our room never arrived upgrading bathrooms. Bathroom was nice and clogging the drain. But I think that's definitely now renovated. He still occasionally angry refrigerator. Otherwise I have nothing to complain about. The very room had new furniture and mattresses. Dormitories were so close to the canteen, it was not practically need to buy food to stock. Canteen in Olomouc is great. Prague canteen next to her turned green with envy. The private in Prague I lived with my current girl, which also enhances the impression. We ourselves have completely repainted and equipped with a small room. That was nice. The rest of the apartment was terrible. One roommate was the largest bordelářka I've ever seen. On the table next to each fish, panties, cornflakes, lipstick … etc. Carpet nevidno. The tub was cracked and the crack is catching dirt. Kitchen disgusting. Hire cheap at first, but gradually rising sharply, so that ceased to be proportional to the quality of housing. So what I'm living in a better experience with the tracks. But this is obviously a case by case basis.

** Martin Cermak, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno, private ** The advantage of tracks is the price that is lower than the average private club and also a certain comfort in the sense that it is not necessary effort in finding housing. Disadvantages are the small chance then choose a roommate, often social and sanitary facilities outside the room and the need to follow orders, it is a certain lack of freedom. The advantage of apartments is sure she was free, both locally and in humans. The disadvantage of a higher price then most. Still, I think the privates in the current student population enjoys more and more popular, because the private club can easily play the adult. I have extensive experience of both now live in private, privates with satisfaction as one of two options, definitely yes.

** Lada Zemánková, Faculty of Economics MZLU Brno, lives at home ** If I lived on, so I chose some digs, because there is greater peace of mind. I am not such that I need to learn peace, I guess so. And given that it now comes out at roughly the same cost. Otherwise, what I know, all those who were on track, and passes to the digs.

** Radovan Maler, Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, private ** Well, the main comparison is in the style of life that you have. Flat meets more people who like my order, order, and do not want to adapt. Dormitories are adaptable to the contrary, people who do not mind to walk away from work in the middle – that's probably the biggest difference.

** Philippe Pech, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno, private ** I live in private. The only disadvantage I know is an association of people from the year group. Private suits me – more freedom, no restrictions at all, to the neighbors who do not understand that students can sometimes be noisier than the ordinary inhabitants of a block of flats.

** Student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University (student declined to give his name), College ** Private or college can not compare, because I live from the beginning of their studies on campus. But college suits me perfectly. 3 years I lived with the same roommate and I new this year, because I forgot to book a room and I almost did not get cold. Otherwise spolubydla I was with him three years, was cool. Now I have a terrible Loulé, what does not wash. Only her chips, smoke and stare at a box. Otherwise I have nothing against smokers. The biggest advantage is Kolejnet tracks on this one finds everything, especially hafo materials and cheat sheets for exams. Negative: for the money you pay, could be a toilet and shower room. We are on the floor. (I pay about 2300, – with the Internet.) And fight for the kitchen on the floor too much of anything cool. One microwave and stove. Otherwise, my track meets.

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