New Study in Zlín Faculty of Humanities: Kindergarten Teacher Added:9.5. 2009
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New Study in Zlín Faculty of Humanities: Kindergarten Teacher

Faculty of Humanities (FHS) at the University of Tomas Bata opens the academic year 2009/2010 a new Bachelor degree – ** Kindergarten Teacher **. Will be offered only to full-time study and can be found under the heading Program Specialization in pedagogy.

Detailed requirements for admission and important dates for submitting applications and the admissions process will be available in the Guidelines for the admission process, which after approval by the Academic Senate of Faculty of Humanities, published on the website „“: http://web.fhs. / id = 0_1 & lang = en & type = 0 Information about the field, however, candidates will also provide staff for Studies department.

Graduates of this course will have the opportunity to work as teachers in public, private and church schools, kindergartens and other specialized preschools in this country and throughout the EU. As stated by Vice-Dean for External Relations Faculty of Humanities, Lenka Drábková, the emergence of the field necessitated the increasing demand for skilled employees right to work in preschools. "Graduate will be able to apply the general educational program for preschool education, provide professional care for children, leading them to the group feel comfortable and secure and develop in accordance with their abilities and opportunities are encouraged to learn and gain enough confidence, "said Vice-Dean.

The new study is not the only newcomer to the University in Zlín. There is the establishment of a Children's Centre at the Faculty of Humanities, which will be used to care for preschool children of university employees. This project is interesting in that it will be just students of Kindergarten Teacher, but also other fields in the Humanities, who will care for these children and gain the necessary experience.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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