New courses at FF MUNI: Scandinavian Studies and the Chinese Cultural Studies Added:11.5. 2009
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New courses at FF MUNI: Scandinavian Studies and the Chinese Cultural Studies

On our site you are trying to report regularly on the newly opened branches in various Czech universities. In this article you can learn the details of two new fields of study at the Philosophical Faculty in Brno, which deal with different world cultures.

** Scandinavian Studies ** Newly opened branch in essence, builds on the Czech-Norwegian cooperation Brno-Kristiansand. The project is financed by Norwegian funds and have already facilitated the exchange of students in university departments in both countries. This project involved mainly Scandinavian students. Since 2009, visitors can already report on a new Bachelor degree in Scandinavian studies, which will deal with past and present of Scandinavia and European integration processes. Primary attention will be directed to Sweden. Branch is opened under the Department of Germanic, Scandinavian and Netherland. It is only single-subject study. Entrance exam form TSP and industry-test, which focuses on knowledge of history and literature of selected areas. It also contains a short text, a translation of the AJ and NJ in czech, reading foreign language text comprehension and test of the prerequisites for learning a foreign language. Before the test must still interested send a text discussing the literature pertaining read. More information about the field can be found „here“:…u_SkandS.htm.

Subjects with a similar focus, see the Republic for many. Charles University in Prague opens this year Bachelor's degree disciplines Swedish and the Norwegian study, only two two-subject study (for more information „here“: The entrance examination takes place only in writing and focuses primarily on the knowledge of realities. The actual study is focused mainly on knowledge of the language, history, literature and selected countries. In other years the Skandinavistiky be reported to the Danish study and the Finnish study. The Brno Faculty of Arts also offers a study of the Finnish branch of Baltic. You can also choose to study Norwegian language and literature (entrance examination includes TSP and industry-test), in which students can go abroad for language study and stay in Norway.

Cultural Studies ** China ** Second bachelor's newly-opening field for this year at the FF MU Brno Cultural Studies of China, focusing on traditional and modern Chinese culture (history, literature, philosophy, religion). A certain attention is paid to the surrounding cultures (Japan, Tibet, Mongolia) and the overall global context. Substantial role in the study will play a Chinese language lessons (three-year course). For admission to this discipline is not necessary to take the TSP. Applicants must successfully complete industry-only test, which consists of 25 „check“ questions and five open questions, to which corresponds to a separate short text. For more information, see „here“:…a_pravek.doc.

Sinology, visitors can also study at Charles University in Prague, bachelor and master's program only in the single-subject study of university entrance exams have a written part (test for knowledge of the Far East and the translation of foreign language) and an oral (interview focused on finding the motivation, knowledge and ability use a foreign language). Sample tests can be found „here“: 20vzorovy 20test.pdf. Palacky University in Olomouc offers Chinese philology in the two-subject study in the Bachelor and Master program. Entrance exam is only a written test in the Czech language. In Olomouc-based Confucius Academy allows you to maintain contacts with the university in Beijing.

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