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Step by step: With what and what for entrance exams Added:13.5. 2009
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Step by step: With what and what for entrance exams

While many people these days go out into the streets or into the countryside to enjoy pleasant weather for this year's high school graduates and those who reported to a higher or high school, this time not so idyllic is not. them because they try to relieve suffering as much as possible. Now read what you had, and certainly contrary to what they forget to go to the entrance exam.

For most candidates this year's entrance exams will premiere issue and maybe you are among them too. Things that you should take with you, not many, but if you forget, you can in the worst case, lose the opportunity to take the test at all. Do your equipment during the step of D ** So you should definitely include **:

  • ID card (or passport) – is required everywhere, without it you will not be allowed to pass exam
  • Number of the application will attempt a different identification number for the school (this applies to only some schools)
  • An invitation to the entrance examination
  • Certified copy of the school-leaving certificate (secondary school graduates) or university diploma (university graduates), if you already have available, or if you have already nepřiložili to the application, some schools require a certificate from the last year of high school
  • On some types of fields (usually sports, medically oriented or food) usually requires a medical certificate of fitness to perform certain tasks and professional activities
  • Pens for sure (although they already receive from the candidates mostly supervising teachers on the spot – the reason is, among other things easier method of evaluation and its transparency (the candidate can be identified by color or type of pen) and also reduce the risk that you get your pen terminates service)
  • Means listed in the entrance exam (dictionary, calculator, etc.)
  • Handkerchief
  • Drink
  • … And if I can, then a good mood and an open mind

** Other rules: **

  • The presence rather than come ten minutes earlier, but most recommend to a half-hour advance
  • Clothes: a written test, just dress according to current convention, we recommend the oral tie (gentlemen preferably trousers, shirt, tie and hence the jacket, ladies skirt or pants, they shirt and jacket or blouse, or. Unsportsmanlike sweater) – your appearance for you, while he passes the tests, but its share of the outcome is certainly
  • Remember that the bench should not normally be anything but test assignment, hence the recording sheet for your answers, drinking, and tools specifically permitted, and any other items could be as a last resort to lead to a „disqualification“
  • Do not try to leave your headphones in your ears (excuse here does not help that you think the music better …)
  • Turn off your cell phone

** Most certainly not to wear: **

  • If the instructions in the invitation specifically allows, then definitely leave home with all utilities such as calculator, dictionary, textbooks and others.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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