Approaching the next training program CIEE Added:12.5. 2009
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Approaching the next training program CIEE

** Czech branch of the Council on International Educational Exchange ** („CIEE“: has organized a few days, another of its recruitment seminars. Their aim is to attract new students who would like to get involved in the international program of United Buddy **. ** The term training is the nearest 27th ** May **, and ** by ** 17 hours in the center of CIEE (The Rotunda 8, Prague 2). Another is currently scheduled for the second half of August.

„United Buddy program is designed for students who are interested in American culture and want to both meet with American students, and also introduce them to our culture, Prague or student life,“ explains John Čemusová objective of the program from CIEE.

Czech students, however, their American counterparts do not help only after their arrival and the beginning of the semester, when they do „guide“ of Prague and is familiar with all the necessary issues associated with life in it, but can join later. "United Buddies can actively participate in the program next semester. They can help prepare themselves and organize cultural events, or for example, in the case of vacancies, part of academic trips to CIEE students, "says Čemusová.

Participants can become students of all universities who meet the necessary conditions (minimum age 19 years, an advanced ability to communicate in English, communication skills, participation in training). The actual work for the participants of the May training will be held on 2 to 5 June 2009. For more information and confirmation of participation in training, please contact Ms. Jane Čemusovu (

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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