Students collect signatures against the state graduation Added:15.5. 2009
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Students collect signatures against the state graduation

Jicinsky grammar school pupil Philip Vicha encouraged the creation of groups of students do not want the state high school diploma! The group is trying to reach future graduates dissatisfied with the current development around the new graduation tests through the social network „Facebook“:….

Vicha together with other actors wrote the initiative petition to require the postponement of the state graduation examination for a longer period of time. It bothers them a little information about the test to students and their teachers, lack of supporting documentation for the preparation of a new type of testing or consideration of the school and the differences in the technical facilities required for carrying out the test. They fear the manipulation of results, tests loss, bias and seepage entering the public before the exam.

The petition is in these days distributed to schools and is also available on the site of a group on Facebook.

Source: „Web Czech school:…u.html,"; Facebook group ": ? gid = 68413177162 "blog do not want the state high school diploma!“:

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