COMPARISON OF COURSES: Geodesy and Cartography Added:17.5. 2009
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Geodesy and Cartography

The maps are a world of places, buildings and land. On the map you will find what belongs to whom. And who holds the creation of the map? Surveyors and cartographers. Note: Article was updated on 4th 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Field Name **: ** Geodesy and Cartography ** Type of study: ** full-time four-year bachelor ** Course characteristics: ** Students will soon receive the basic academic subjects, acquire the necessary physical and mathematical knowledge necessary for the work of surveyors and cartographers. Then expect a series of articles focused on the technical character geodetic and cartographic methods. In so doing, the expected orientation chosen career teaching other areas of theoretical disciplines of geodesy, cartography, remote sensing, mapping, photogrammetry or land consolidation. Faculty and students also seeks to enrich the context of philosophical, ethical, economic and legal knowledge and use of computer technology. Students will also participate in field training in the field. ** Graduates ** Graduates expect to work in both the private and public sector management in the areas of land registers, creating geometric plans and determining land boundaries, and in transport, forestry, agriculture or construction. They can of course continue their studies at master's level. ** Entrance Exams: ** Applicants must go through two parts of the recruitment process. The content of the first section of the test is a written test in mathematics – in the range of substances discussed in secondary schools. Then they talk about their motivations with the representatives of the faculty for an oral interview. It is not included in the evaluation. Counted only points of the mathematical test, which applicants must obtain at least. 7 out of 20 possible. If a student has at least three signs of mathematics in high school, whose diameter is greater than 2.0 is assigned to 20 points, and the test waived. 20% of the overall evaluation of prospective students are marks from high school. Bonus points can get successful solvers of regional rounds at least secondary school activities and competitions like Olympics nature. Sample admission test can be viewed ‚here‘:…ce/testy.php. Prospective bachelor CTU operates an online service advice by ICQ and ICQ details, contact the counselor will find „here“:…ne/index.php. ** Source: ** „Website of the Faculty of Civil Engineering“:…y/oborbg.php

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Technology

Field Name **: ** Geodesy and Cartography ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three-time and combined study ** Course characteristics: ** The list of taught subjects consists of compulsory, recommended and elective courses. Among the topics that students are obliged to manage the successful completion of the field appears in mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry, computer science, law, of course, surveying, mapping, teaching about the landscape, photogrammetry, as well as related articles on land registration, building construction, geodetic networks, theory of errors and compensation numbers, the economy, on optics and computer graphics. The recommended courses, students choose from six languages ​​- English, Russian, German, Italian, French and španìlštiny. Optional předmìty extend compulsory education to more specific předmìty. Teaching students of misses in the field. ** Graduates ** One option is to continue building the master program. Otherwise, students are employed in institutions or companies dealing with surveying and land practices. ** Entrance Exams ** Applicants are accepted on a test basis in mathematics and physics (ten issues in both subjects). Tests are written on computers and job immediately after finishing the test, know your outcome, including whether they are accepted or not. The scope of the curriculum and recommended literature study indicates Science „on their site“:…usky_OST.asp, which also offers a sample test. Pardon the entrance exam is when the candidate reaches a high school degree at most 1,8. No tests are also accepted students with a percentile of 75 and more general study of the test assumptions, organized by Scio. Other conditions of Science provides the „Guidelines for a job interview“:…-2009-16.pdf. Faculty plans to take about 150 applicants for full-time and 60 candidates in the combined form of study. ** Source: ** 'Web site, BUT „:… <= 0 and“ Faculty of Civil Engineering ": Http://www.fce­

Faculty of Mining and Geology, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

Field Name **: ** Mine surveying ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three-time and part-time study ** Course characteristics: ** Full-time students attending courses compulsory, optional, or purely optional. The combined study subjects predominate, but there are several curriculum options. For full-time study, students learn the basics of mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry, surveying the skills and the consequent drawing courses surveying, computer practice, user programs in surveying, safety, mineralogy and mining. There is also language training and field exercises. Expand knowledge of subject matter is nature, earth sciences, economic issues, philosophical, as well as on land use planning, underground construction, underground mining of or hydrology. Types of blended learning courses are very similar, only some subjects are compulsory optional ranked among the compulsory. ** Graduates ** Graduates find work primarily as a mining meters (in open pit and underground mines and quarries) and after performing the practice as zeměměřičtí engineers. ** Entrance Exams ** Entrance exams are waived.

Field Name **: ** Engineering Surveying ** Type of study: Bachelor ** three-time and part-time study ** Course characteristics: ** The structure and composition of objects on the field of Surveying Engineering is very similar to mine field surveying. They differ only in some subjects profiled construction and measurement stations. The engineering foundations of geography can be found such as engineering, legislation, land surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, cadastre, land planning and specialized subject of engineering. ** Graduates ** On the labor market, graduates should find a position Surveyors. Entrance Exams ** ** are exempted. ** Source: ** „Web Mining and Geology Faculty of TU“:

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