UK presented their proposals for the amendment of the Law on Universities Added:15.5. 2009
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UK presented their proposals for the amendment of the Law on Universities

Rector of Charles University Vaclav Hampl yesterday published proposals for schools to amend the Act on Higher Education. The biggest surprise is the introduction of a requirement for enrollment.

„We do not recommend to introduce tuition fees. Instead of fees, as the least problematic option, we recommend considering the introduction of so-called registration fees,“ says Vaclav Hampl. „The question of direct interest to students of higher education funding not currently in the UK to date. However, since the media has become a political issue and, in the UK conducted its analysis of possible variants of the material on which the payment is not recommended for correction exams in the medium term is not recommended to introduce tuition fees, recommended to remove the fee for further study and the least problematic option is recommended to consider the introduction of so-called . enrollment, "says a press release the ministry. Registration fees would in practice could mean the introduction of "tuition fee“ amounting to CZK 5,000 per academic year.

In addition to the enrollment Hampl called for greater autonomy in investment financing and long-term planning of the eligible number of students – that is five years ahead, and not one year like this. Furthermore, it seeks to restrict the number of so-called „flying professor“, the professors who teach at several schools and they are also sponsors study programs. Accreditation of degree programs should be „always linked to specific academic staff meet the criteria, with one academic staff would be allowed following an umbrella for more than one accreditation.“

Source: Press release of Charles University

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