The Special Branch: Science Theatre Added:19.5. 2009
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The Special Branch: Science Theatre

Its strong position among artistic disciplines, apart from film or music, science and theater criticism. It is this field of study by people who love theater, yet they feel more comfortable in the stands rather than on stage. Theater lovers, budding creators, who have drawers hide his own lyrics to the Games, the actors, which are received or at Academy of Music, philosophers and cultural enthusiasts. They all can meet on the field of theatrical science lectures. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 11th 2009 (-pel-)

** ** The content of study

Study Theatre Studies requires students not only interested in the performing arts, as well as the layout for scientific research in the field of creative work. Now the students of this field is likely to become the next theater critics teatrologové and cultural managers. So should the course of study to obtain not only an important knowledge base, but also the ability of current theoretical reflection and historical forms of theater to the professional level.

** Items **

Lectures focus on theater history and production of major playwrights – from ancient drama through the baroque opera to classical Indian theater. He teaches the theory and (critical analysis workshops and audience studies, reviews and art critics) and are also important lessons from the practice of the theater (acting methods of making, communication skills, or dance, theater).

** Teaching **

Teaching takes the form of single-subject and dvouoborového full-time study, combined study allows only Masaryk University. The substance is mainly focused on the study of theory and history of theater and drama, and the relationship between drama and staging practice. Theater Arts Department to cooperate with each other, which is especially true for the Department in Brno and Prague. Both also offer their students courses Yam and the Academy of Performing Arts and the possibility of cooperation with scientific research institutes, and work closely with a seminar in aesthetics, Masaryk University Brno.

** Graduates **

Graduates are prepared for a three-year study of organizational work in theaters, festivals, cultural presentations and other institutions, which are connected with the theater, have an overview of Czech and world theater and theater theory and writing ability to handle theatrical items – from introduction to the documentation.

** Entrance Exam **

The admission process without prior knowledge of the theater can not do any candidate. Give in-theater work with science themes (such as reviews productions, dramatic text analysis, game analysis, historiographical work, theatrical portrait of the creator) and read a list of thematic literature. In Brno, in addition, candidates must pass a departmental test test TSP, Olomouc and Prague is waiting for an oral interview.

** ** Student opinions

„The study is interesting, but further work is just pidizáklad. One has to build up contacts during the school has. Possibilities, what with the title, it's a lot – but it depends mostly on how one draws during the study. Classmate wrote a play such as , others gravitated to directing someone to the music or film. And we, fellow students, then played in their projects. For active participation, it can learn a lot about the theater, even a theory. I, by studying, for example, know what on the stage works, what does not, or what you criticize the contrary, deserves recognition, even though the performance should be just wrong. “

  • Eva Burešová, Science Faculty of Arts Theatre, acting, alternative theater, Academy of Performing Arts

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