New to OU study: Computer Modelling in Physics and Mechanics Added:20.5. 2009
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New to OU study: Computer Modelling in Physics and Mechanics

Ostrava University (OU) opens a new follow-up master study program. ** Computer Modelling in Physics and Mechanics ** is the double-degree program that is taught in co ** Faculty of Science, OU ** ** France and the University of Maine **.

Field goal is to train students in physical modeling projects using computer technology. Emphasis is placed on bilingual environment – your knowledge should then be able to apply both in Czech and English. Compulsory subjects will be taught field parallel to both schools, so the student will be able to choose the venue. On the contrary, compulsory elective courses will vary for each university – the students entered according to their specialization and complete the most in the exchange.

Specialisation Studies students choose a focus of his thesis.

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