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The timetable for the planning study abroad Added:21.5. 2009
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The timetable for the planning study abroad

To extend the experience of studying at a foreign school? We offer a clear timetable, what to do and when to successful adoption. It takes quite a lot, but look for yourself.

Even before you start to consider studying abroad, it is good to have an idea of ​​timing – when to do what is necessary, arrange for them – to be able to pursue their studies abroad, a well-planned.

This timetable is indicative only, individual schools may have their own timetables, which certainly can be found on their website.

** 12–18 months before the planned entry to the University **

  • What to look for when choosing a school

Accreditation of the University from the office – important for the recognition of education Quality of teaching – the amount of tuition is not always a single criterion – the information can be obtained from the information materials, websites, and also from personal experience of previous students The selection of students Quality of laboratories and other facilities according to your special interests The quality of libraries Quality of accommodation of Leisure and so on

  • Choose more universities – select by subject area, consult with your selection of employee counseling center, where the foreign department of your faculty (university).
  • Check with your university to a "program of the European Union:…nance/73772/ and other institutions.

** 12 months before the planned entry: **

  • Apply the selected schools on the application form.
  • Complete and submit the application in good time – do not forget to check the conditions for obtaining scholarships. The application is usually sent by post, in recent years points to the contact over the Internet.
  • Learn what admission tests will have to undergo.

** 10–12 months in advance **

  • Request a statement from the index and make his translation and validation
  • Ask your teacher to write letters of recommendation
  • Ask the Foundation and the University for financial aid
  • Completion of the tests

** 4–5 months in advance **

  • Receive a decision from the schools
  • Select a school to get on you, and be aware of this decision all the schools to which you reported (and)
  • Send the University a certificate of payment of registration fees along with other forms that you receive from it
  • Contact the university regarding accommodation
  • Learn the terms „health insurance“:…cni-studium/

** 3 months before entering the school **

  • Ask for a visa, if necessary
  • Book your ticket or ticket
  • Ensure any insurance

Choose carefully universities abroad – remember, the more expensive tuition fees, the greater university, and thus a greater chance of getting scholarships. However, you can use these resources: university catalogs, websites, student organizations and universities, advice from more experienced students.

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