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Recognition of foreign education Added:31.5. 2009
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Recognition of foreign education

Have you studied a foreign university? Do you have a foreign university degree? The recognition of foreign higher education should be writing. Read what you need to do to you that foreign education has been recognized.

The recognition of foreign higher education documented foreign university diploma decide:

  • Central government – ministries
  • Public Schools

** Recognition in the Czech and Slovak Republic **

The validity of diplomas issued in the Slovak Republic is governed by the Agreement on mutual recognition of equivalence of educational documents issued in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic No. 33/2001, which shows that the diplomas awarded by universities in the Slovak Republic shall be recognized in the Czech Republic as equivalent. Meanwhile, all evidence of the qualifications specified in this Agreement is valid in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic without official verification.

** Ministry **

  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (Department of Higher Education)
  • Decides on higher education if the results of bilateral international agreements on mutual recognition of education, which the Czech Republic concluded with:
  • Afghanistan (No. 111/1982 Coll.) – The Czech Republic asked for its termination. Based on this agreement are only recognized diplomas and evidence of academic degrees in the humanities, natural and social sciences, in engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine.
  • Bulgaria (No. 43/1983 Coll.) – The Czech Republic is in the preparatory proceedings for the termination,
  • Slovenia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (No. 89/1991 Coll.)
  • Hungary ( No 92/2005)
  • Poland (No. 122/1991 Coll.)
  • In the process of ratifying the new treaty with some countries of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: with Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan (No. 123/1973 Coll.)
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Decides on higher education acquired abroad in the military.
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Decides on the security services.

** Public Schools **

In the event that the Czech Republic is not bound by any of the above mentioned international treaties (when deciding ministries) decided a public high school.

The recognition decision that public university in the Czech Republic which carries out similar contents accredited degree program.

In case of doubt about the existence of a similar program of study determine the competence of public universities Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or may decide to recognize itself.

Application for recognition of foreign education

The recognition of foreign higher education should be writing.

** The application must be connected: **

  • Original or certified copy of a diploma or other proof of graduation.
  • Or join (if requested by the ministry or public high school):
  • Original or certified copy of the „Diploma Supplement“
  • Additional information about the program implement an institution authorized to provide university education,
  • Proof of the contents of higher education.

Documents must be legalized, ie. authenticity of signatures and stamps, and the fact that the college recognized in the country where the foreign certificate is issued, must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the headquarters of foreign high school that issued the certificate and the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic ( if an international agreement provides otherwise).

If necessary, attach a certified translation of these documents made by an official translator.

In proceedings for recognition of foreign higher education is compared to the content and scope of study abroad to study in an accredited study program conducted a public high school in the Czech Republic.

** Rejection **

In case of substantial differences in the comparison study programs or in the event that a diploma vydala foreign institution that is not in the State in which it is located, recognized as the College, are occurring for reasons for refusal and a public high school ministries.

** Credit **

If a foreign university education is recognized, the applicant receives the decision on the recognition of higher education, which is annexed to the certificate confirming the equivalence of education by completing the appropriate type of degree program at a public university in the Czech Republic, or even the right to use the certificate granted to a foreign title.

Public higher education institution or relevant ministry shall issue a decision within 30 days of the request, which has all the essentials. In more complex cases can be extended.

The applicant has the right within 15 days from receipt of the decision to appeal, when deciding on the recognition of a public college or decomposition, if recognition is decided by the Ministry (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior) as first-instance authority. The appeals may decide a public high school (if they rectify) or appeal shall refer the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as an appeal body. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the appeal decision – either rectify or confirm the decision of a public high school. The appeal decided by head of the central body of state administration, ie ministers.

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