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Model questions for interview Added:10.6. 2009
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Model questions for interview

Preparation for an interview is not good to underestimate. Check with us to sample questions that you, not only from the employer, to get.

The interview in the company can be managed in different ways. In his introduction to your company representative is likely to thank you for your interest in the company and position reflected the pleasure to meet you. Can you even ask what you should travel. Then mostly talking about your personal data (home, family, etc.). In the next phase comes to education, experience and future career. Questions that can be heard, and you should be prepared, see the following overview:

** Questions about your motivation: **

* Why are you interested in the position of hits? Why did you decide (a) respond to our ad? * What do you think you can offer us? * What do you expect from the work you are applying?

** Questions about the last job: **

* Why are leaving your previous job? * What are your last job in the most liked or vice versa annoyed? * What was a typical day in your last job? * What you were (a) criticized (and)? * How did you react to criticism (and)? * What was your last job in the most difficult? * What was easiest?

** Questions about the new employer: **

* What do you know about our company, our products and services? * What features should be your boss? * What are your ideas on salary? * When you join us?

** Questions about your knowledge and experience: **

* What are your strengths and weaknesses? * What good and bad qualities you have? * Do you prefer working in a team or individual work? Are you a team player? * What kind of work you most satisfied? * How do you rate your ability to delegate tasks? * You are resistant (hypersensitive) to stress? * How can you increase your professional qualifications? * What was your favorite subject in school? What was your least favorite vice versa?

** Questions about your future career: **

* How do you imagine your future career? * Describe how you imagine your ideal job? * Where do you see yourself in two years? * Where do you see yourself in five years? * You do not intend to go back to study (doctoral study, another high school, …)? * How long would you like (and) to work for our company? * How does the family of your career? * What do you want to achieve in my career?

The interview is usually terminated discussions about salary and benefits, which the company provides. Before parting wait for information, when and in what form your company can know whether you have been accepted.

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