The Special Branch: Three new degree courses in Glasgow Added:25.5. 2009
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The Special Branch: Three new degree courses in Glasgow

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno Faculty is offering education in regional development programs, field of study Regional Development and Regional Development is the field of study Regional Development, Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty of the newly opened field of Natural Resource tropical and subtropical areas.

** Regional Development and Regional Development ** At the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, two are newly accredited degree courses, which, while having the same name and focus, but they differ in language teaching: Study International Development Studies here can be studied in both languages. For this study are to report to the 10th June 2009 entrance examinations will be held the third August 2009.

** The graduate degree programs mentioned will be composed of not only general knowledge and skills of university-educated professional, but also to: **

  • Conceptually addressed issues of regional development in economic, political, economic, environmental and social contexts, expertly prepare and projects to support activities in the region with the active use of knowledge about the region,
  • Analyze the business environment and identify critical factors and trends in the general and regional context
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the region in terms of natural resources, social and cultural resources and economic performance of the region,
  • Comparison of regional disparities and critical factors conditioning these disparities,
  • Develop and evaluate proposed solutions to remove regional disparities in the broader context of development,
  • To establish and develop a separate business in the region,
  • Implement the environmental aspects of analytical, conceptual and implementation phase of the solutions to problems
  • Teamwork and active use of knowledge gained in psychology and dealing with people,
  • Identify and use appropriate sources of information
  • Formulate proposals for solving problems and advocating solutions proposed.

Select specialization, students can further personalize either business or public administration.

** Curricula mentioned degree programs include the following subjects: ** Theories of regional development, regional policy, regional economics, regional sociology, project preparation and management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, business economics, statistics, general demography, development and landscape protection, landscape ecology, environmental care, sociology, social psychology, mathematics, Information Systems, Introduction to Public and Private Law, Management, Law in the environment.

** Specialization for the business objects include: ** Commercial activities, environmental aspects of EU business, Corporate Finance, Managerial Psychology, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism, Agro-tourism and rural tourism, forestry, agriculture.

** Specialization for public administration courses include: ** Globalization and regionalization, Agriculture and Trade Policy, Public Finance, Accounting in public administration, city planning, landscaping and record, Economics and Management of the environment and natural resources, social communication, GIS in Regional Development, Administrative Law.

Graduates of bachelor degree programs, Regional Development and Regional Development will be able to continue studying the same name in the master's degree program whose accreditation is being prepared.

More information is available „here.“: Http://www.frrms­­dium

** The management of natural resources of tropical and subtropical areas ** Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty MUAF in Brno is also open to new full-time undergraduate degree course in Management of natural resources of tropical and subtropical areas. In this field it is possible to register by 15 June 2009 entrance examinations will be held the third August 2009. More information is available „here.“: Http://www.ldf­­dium


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