ISIC - Summer discount for a festival Added:23.5. 2009
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ISIC - Summer discount for a festival

Students who hold an ISIC card, it can be used outside of the academic year and during vacations. GTS Alive has prepared a number of discounts at summer festivals.

Admission and actual discounts for students or young people under 26 years vary from one festival, but usually range from 30 to 150 CZK. More than a hundred crowns saved cardholders at Rock for People festival Colours of Ostrava Hrachovka, or Sazavafest Basinfirefest.

Some organizers have limited special offer discounts on advance sale only or even the first 100 buyers. It is worth to find out any information about ticket prices and discounts in advance.

In addition to summer festivals, students will be able to take advantage of discounts at restaurants, clubs, sports complexes, shops while traveling. Czech Republic has long been interpreted as the country with the largest extension of ISIC and the largest selection of student benefits.

Information on discounts: „“: „Www.chytrepa­“:

„List all festivals with a complete information service“: / summer

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