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What are the alternatives to study at university? Added:29.5. 2009
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What are the alternatives to study at university?

Not get you to your dream school, admission will only slipped a few points, or have finally decided that the university is not the place for you? The reasons may be different, but now you stand before deciding what to do. What are the options if one chooses the study after graduation high school?

** Private colleges ** If you do not get to any state school, and yet you can not afford to give up university studies, there is the opportunity to study a private high school. They are with us are becoming increasingly popular even outside of big cities. They often focus on more narrowly defined fields for students very attractive (management, law and tourism). An unquestionable advantage of these schools is the personal approach, interactive learning, focus on languages ​​and experience and an interest in school students to keep. Such luxury, however bought quite a large sum of money that you need to study (no return) to invest. The decision for a private college to be reckoned with at least CZK 20,000 per semester. Basic overview of the schools here.

** ** Preparatory Courses Preparatory courses are for those who failed to get on one of the areas considered to be lucrative. Especially in the case of legal and medical faculties may be that risky to bet on just one card fails. Large competitors can remove from play and other excellent students. If you still do not want to give up your dream, you can pay for short-term and year-long preparatory courses that you will systematically prepare the next entrance exam. The advantage is certainly the fact that the tests themselves, then you have little surprises. On the other hand, even the best course will prepare for the stressful situation and can not guarantee one hundred percent success. Lost year, then you could be sorry enough. What are the options: „Tutor“:, „Socrates“:, „Fido“: http://www.kurzy-fido . com /.

** ** Language Schools Many unsuccessful applicants for university studies as an alternative to elect the next school year. Often relatively intensive courses (several times a week with a focus on conversation and use language in practice) can be combined with part-time job. Teaching at a language school – whether you teach English, German, French, Spanish or another language – you will undoubtedly learn the language very well and often will lead to a successful final exam and a valuable certificate. The disadvantage can be re-invested money (language, you can just as effectively by studying at university) and the cessation stricter school mode. Catalog language schools in the Czech Republic can be found on the „this address“:

** Practice ** Volunteer Volunteer experience is very famous and is very beneficial and interesting way to spend an unexpected free time in a meaningful way. It works mostly on the basis of unpaid work (to help the elderly or people with disabilities, help with construction equipment beneficial or humanitarian organization) in the homeland and abroad, and is free for volunteers provided with accommodation and meals. The initial investment is very small (the cost of travel and advance the Agency) and the results priceless: the feeling that you contributed good things, new friends from around the world, unusual experiences. Before the final decision but certainly good, consider the kind of work you are building and you can perform several months at a time. Options include: „Amnesty International“: „INEX-SDA“: „Dobrovolní“: http://www.dobrovolnici . com /.

** ** Work Abroad The most common and popular way to use free year's work abroad. In the Czech Republic you will find numerous employment agencies around the world for a few months or a year. You do not necessarily watch three English children, who can try and work behind the bar, the café service, assistance on the farm or work lifeguard. Everything depends on your (not only linguistic) abilities. Working abroad combines unforgettable experience with a nice sum of money earned money. Take a good care, which is actually issued, and all carefully check in advance. Tips to look for work abroad, „Ajob“:, „On the experienced“: „“: http://staff .cz / work / in-abroad /.

** Full time ** Some of you – maybe even disappointed or frustrated, perhaps tired of all this learning in a high school diploma – think about the permanent or temporary transition into employment. Students have the choice of technical subjects easier than gymnazisté because they are already able to use their experience in practice. Graduates who have completed general education, they often have to resort to less valued work. Clear plus transition to full-time employment is the early achievement of financial independence from parents and numerous experiences. Disadvantages can feel when you decide to return to the time of student life: hard to re-learning process, and accustomed to life „poor student“. Where to look for work, „“:, „Monster“:…, „Good job“: http : / /

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