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Poll: Students of State maturitách Added:4.6. 2009
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Poll: Students of State maturitách

They arise against industrial action. Ministry of Education is trying to start a few years. State graduation – the apple of discord secondary education. Read our poll on what students think about them.

** Margaret Laryšová, graduate, High School Karviná ** I think the idea of ​​somehow reforming high school diploma, not bad, the current system is still in connection with the entrance exams rather inept, but how they are processed by the state graduation is nonsense. I would whole stopla and start all over again and completely different. For example, this would be addressed by teachers, because they have experience and can see into it. Even the way the kids prepared for the new high school graduation is very unhappy when the teachers themselves did not even know how to teach the new curriculum, and according to them if they ever have to learn. Anyway, I would then account for a high school diploma, but the entrance to college.

** Catherine Zaklová, 3 year, John Grammar Blahoslav Ivančice ** I enjoy them, because I definitely will come easier than what they are now. You will not have as much, and mostly it will be built more for those who nešrotí everything by heart, but rather, trying to resolve the reason. Quite understand how everyone always whine that they do not want, yet he knows nothing about it and says I need that does not do 2 GCE, which is stupid. I'm definitely on and I hope to hold it in abeyance.

** David Czernin, school-leavers, Olga Havel Foundation Grammar School in Ostrava-Poruba ** The state maturitách do not have much information. Meanwhile, I feel that since they will be unified for most schools, so students will be advantaged schools for which they will be fairly simple, and disadvantaged students of other disciplines. Despite the fact that it is a stressful period, spread over a longer time period of the year.

Student ** (did not wish to give her name), Hungarian Academy of Business Hradiste ** Personally, graduation from a state I do not worry too much. According to the information that came to me yet, I think that it might be even lighter than our current school graduation. The only thing that a little fear is that the investigator will not be a professor who taught us all four years, but teachers from other middle schools. Being a guinea pig, I believe, regardless of their advantages in the evaluation and another plus for me is the ability to choose an elective, a heavier version of the test.

** KB (student did not want to publish your name) High School class. Cpt. Jaros, Brno ** The state graduation I am rather positive view is certainly good if all schools will be on the same test, and therefore the final mark will have a meaningful value. But it was a mistake and that we were sort of a preliminary version of the national sample of graduation submitted too late and is still a lot of things unclear. Otherwise I did not like the state high school diploma because I had a chance to see yet, it seemed easier than our original school graduation.

** John Ošmerová, 3 Volume, High School class. Cpt. Jaros, Brno ** I think that the state graduation are still just such an attempt, because nobody knows much of anything … It is not known what level of choice, what percentage of people do the test, but I hope the award will be such that most graduated from high school. We have just heard about graduation in mathematics, the basic level. It seemed to me to be quite easy. The first year maturities will probably be only a test of how it all turns out in later years, the government could improve the graduation. But if such a level, what we saw in the elementary level mathematics, I think this problem will again test something to do.

** Susan Novak, graduate, High School Moravian Krumlov ** My opinion is that it is currently the biggest bullshit, because nothing is prepared, no one knows the kids and that too is not ready. We did tests of SES and some questions were so stupid that it could – just pictures and what this implies – as a) a b) for c). They found there either really tough questions or light contrast, such as what is the inscription on the standar. This should be improved and still finish within a year, have no chance to catch it, or rather do not have a chance to do normal and ready graduation, where do I know if the person knows, or ought to have luck when betting. I know that graduation is composed from oral, but half kids do not know how it will be of what is being done, how many minutes, what it will include what areas. Teachers themselves over shaking his head.

** Catherine Dvořáčková, trucks, vocational schools and vocational secondary schools and food services Brno Charbulova ** State graduation I come pretty pointless, I think, that if left normal and do better. Nobody really knows what the state graduation entails none of us really prepared, just tell us it's hard, that teachers themselves about some of the suspended issues. Comparing grammar school to be with us, what we have on the body or to another secondary school – for me it comes „compacted“. On the other hand, the new secondary school for something good, even that there is a problem in the form ab c. But to me it's useless, just think for a moment return to the normal final exams.

** Sonya Kroll, graduate, high school John Blahoslav Ivancice ** I think it's a major mistake to state graduation that he is none too sure how it will eventually look like. Although it is nice that people in třeťáku knows that it will do, but when I ask them how it will be – I can not answer. Something like that exists among teachers. It said it many variations, but neither seems to be substantiated – kids do not know what to be prepared and teachers know how to lead their students to successful completion of secondary studies. The idea of ​​the state graduation probably not bad, but there is a huge snag – ignorance. I personally would not be postponed at least a year – and this year I finally set pattern, as it should look like.

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