Invitation to a panel discussion on the state universities Added:26.5. 2009
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Invitation to a panel discussion on the state universities

Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences invites you to a panel discussion on "Current situation, opportunities and risks of Czech universities. The debate will take place on 28th 5th 2009 at the Czech Association of Scientific and companies Novotny bridge 5 in the Great Hall (Room No. 319) from 17:00 pm.

As the panelists will: prof. Erazim Kohak, PhD., Center for Global Studies [* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2934/ko­hak.jpg]

Assoc. Nicholas Demjančuk, Ph.D.., Academic Senate University of West Bohemia in Pilsen [* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2934/dem­jancu.jpg]

Mgr George Nantl, the rector of Masaryk University in Brno [* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2934/pho­to.asp.jpg]

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