The Special Branch: The higher judicial officer Added:2.6. 2009
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The Special Branch: The higher judicial officer

A new study at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University offers specialized vocational training especially for the Ministry of Justice. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, newly opened this year bachelor study higher judicial officer in a combined form of study. This is a newly accredited field of study that is part of the Legal Specialization.

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** The content of study: ** The basic aim of the study area higher judicial officer is to provide specialized vocational training especially for the Ministry of Justice. It is primarily intended for use by serving as senior court clerk, a senior official of the state prosecutor or court secretary without adequate higher education. The study provides a systematic overview of the general Czech and European legislation also provides the necessary knowledge in the fields directly related to the area of ​​justice, ie mainly civil substantive and procedural law, commercial law, criminal law and procedural. The core subjects of studies are providing a comprehensive overview of the legislation as a whole, which is supplemented by specialized courses targeted to justice. Students have the choice of a wide spectrum of subjects from economics, etc. Managament

** Graduate profile: ** Graduate profile is formed by three groups of objects: objects common general base to enable it to acquire the foundations of legal theory and legal foundations of the core disciplines (theory of law, political science, European law, constitutional law, criminal law, civil substantive and procedural law, commercial law, financial law, administrative law), subject specialist (organization of the judiciary, European private international law and procedural) skill subjects (civil law – practice, criminal law – exercise, administrative and office work in court administration technique and correspondence) guaranteed and realized by the Judicial Academy objects and additional help to complete the profile of graduates offered mainly in the form of optional subjects (personal management, economics, professional language training, legal informatics.

Graduate receives bachelor's degree systematic and comprehensive knowledge of the legal regulation and the full spectrum of key industries. These bases will allow him to present expert and specialized knowledge and skills in relevant areas of specialization, accompanied linguistic knowledge and ability to work with legal information systems.

Graduate of Bachelor's degree Higher judicial officer may apply the acquired knowledge and skills, especially within the Ministry of Justice Ministry and Interior Ministry. Due to the nature of education have gained useful knowledge and work with persons engaged in private legal profession, eg. for lawyers, notaries and bailiffs.

** Admission test: ** Admission to study is to achieve full secondary or full secondary vocational education. Mandatory part of admission to the faculty's entrance examination – Study Test Masaryk University. Since this is a field of lifelong learning, the study paid – tuition fee was for the academic year 2009/2010 23 000 CZK. The price for the year 2010/2011 is currently unknown.

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