The Special Field: Indology Added:6.6. 2009
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The Special Field: Indology

Fields with a hint of exoticism are increasingly at odds. Are you enthusiastic for one narrowly defined area and attracts you to learn the language of a distant country, learn the local culture and customs and more understanding of other people thinking? One of these options offers Indian studies. Note: Article was updated on 23 11th 2009th

Indology in the Czech Republic has a relatively long tradition. Study of Indian culture in this country started in the early 20th century and the field can boast a number of renowned scholars such as Vincent Forest, Elizabeth and Boris Merhaut Otakar Pertold Vladimir Miltner, Karl Werner and Dusan Zbavitel. The theoretical base of the literary field is a very good level in the Czech language can be read as the number of quality translations of original texts.

** ** How to study Indology in the Czech Republic can only study at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Lessons are provided by Indian Institute of Southern Seminary and Central Asia, Faculty of Arts. Indology also deals with the Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

** ** The content of study Indology includes a thorough study of languages, the source of literature, history, religion and culture of the Indian subcontinent. It may therefore intersect in linguistics, history, entologií, cultural and social anthropology and religious studies, but with a focus on properly defined geographic area.

** Items ** The schedule consists of both the teaching of different languages ​​(Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi – each student chooses their own interests) and the subjects focused on the history and the source texts.

** Entrance Exams ** The entrance examination is usually oral and one round. It focuses on finding the motivation to study, verify the knowledge of Indian life and culture (historical, geographical and cultural), investigating the knowledge of language and languages ​​(including mother tongue) and review any knowledge of the language of the world. The test also provides a list of literature I have read („recommended reading“:…). Entrance exam can be waived.

** Graduates ** With a long tradition in our field and narrow specialization that you choose a graduate course of studies, the chance to use relatively large. Experts in the selected area can translate various texts, engage in international cooperation to remain in the scientific community and teach the next generation.

** More information ** "Indian Seminar:

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