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Office work is not worry about Added:11.4. 2013
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Office work is not worry about

Trip to the employment office may not particularly popular for leisure activities, but it is good to know that, although not mandatory, is in many ways beneficial. The following article will advise you what to do when you have just left school – either medium or high – and yet you search for the labor market.

Long job security is a completely different historical era, and now it's up to ourselves to ensure our earnings less than that with which they could somehow make ends meet. If they fail, it is the best solution to the registration office. Not only is it a little bit lower your cost of living (eg, save on health insurance), but who meet the conditions, it also has several entitlement to unemployment benefits. First of all, but you get the more chance that someone apply the. Being included on „pracáku“ as this office is sometimes called, but there is no shame. The proof is the fact that they are mainly high school and college students annually in the summer months, increased clientele employment services and unemployment numbers to move upwards. As you gradually find a job, but their share in turn usually drops.

And if you decide to work at the office (LO) enter, you should first know a few things:

When a student ceases to be a student

For high school students ** ** is the last „student“ on the one that is the last day of holidays (ie 31 August). ** ** For undergraduates, this time is shorter – it takes only one month after the month in which it was officially discontinued the study (ie the final state test). In both cases it is best to begin a ** look for a job during their studies ** to go directly from school into employment or to start self-employment. Another possibility is being used ** on LP records **. ** If you do so within three days ** from the time you ended up "time student, you have already registered on the day following the deadline by which you were considered students. Doing so later, you will be registered on the date of application for recruitment. Until then, however, you apply the same obligations as those without taxable income (for example, if the delay between the removal of student status and signing the register LP is more than one calendar month and you did not perform any job in the meantime, from which it will be removed health insurance, then you need this insurance to pay). Application for recruitment must be submitted in person only ** ** send an application by mail or electronically by law.

What the job seeker gets to the employment office records

  • A chance for job placement ** ** incl. ** Advice ** and ** ** information services in labor market
  • Claim for unemployment benefits ** ** (only if the conditions stipulated by law (see „Law No. 435/2004.“: Http://portal­­becne/prav_pred­pisy/akt_zneni/z435_2004 , Part Two, Chapter III)
  • Possible ** attention in work ** if you need it
  • The possibility of rehabilitation work ** ** if you are a person with disabilities, have the possibility of retraining ** **
  • Government-funded health insurance ** **
  • The period during which you will be entered in the register of job seekers, will be counted as participation in pension insurance ** ** to a) the time when you belong to unemployment benefits, b) not more than three years at a time when you Support does not belong

. <> * *** The mission of the office work is to help you find a job as soon as possible. Activity However, calls on both sides (photo: stock.xchng) *

But you have to reckon with the fact that it is necessary to cooperate with the Office of ** ** (for example, have regular meetings), so you'll probably have to forget such as any extended stay abroad.

When entitlement to unemployment benefit

In order for a student to claim unemployment benefits, has reported a total of 12 months of the participation in pension insurance in the past 3 years, the study by this time included only 6 months. The rest can only supplement the graduate employment (eg in the study, during holidays, etc..). But hey, among them employment and employment are counted only those who have been contributory pension insurance contributions and state employment policy (ie not as an agreement to perform work). Support is then calculated using the average monthly net salary of last job and is paid more than five months: the first two months you are paid 65% of net income, two months 50% and 45% last month. If you fail to comply with the required qualification period, you will still registered in the register LP and stand behind you will pay health insurance (which for 2009 amounts to 1080 dollars), but receive no unemployment benefits. Graduates who do not claim unemployment benefit, but may at the Department of Social Affairs the authority to ask for additional payment amounts to the subsistence level.

What obligations will arise, if not log on to the Jobcentre

  • You're the person with no taxable income and are therefore obliged to pay health insurance (for the year 2009 is in 1080 dollars)

Terms potential extra income for co-registration at the employment office

If you are registered on the LO, while you can earn, but the total monthly income must be more than half the minimum wage, which for 2009 is the gross amount of 8000 crowns. Allowed the following business relationships or agreements:

  • Business or professional relationship
  • The employment agreement
  • Agreement to work

Another option is a short-term employment, which is mediated by the Labour Office, and a maximum of 3 months. His reward is not monitored against the previous. The combination of these options is allowed, but the rewards of extra income are added together and must not exceed half the minimum wage.

You must accept any job, your office offer?

Even though your office staff will try to find a job that would largely be suitable for your abilities and needs – so-called suitable employment, it may happen that you would not have to comply. If you choose to reject the offer of the office, keep in mind that without giving serious reasons can be excluded from registration.

What to bring to the first office visit works

  • A valid identity card or other proof substantiating their identity and place of residence
  • Proof of graduation (ie, that of formal education such as diploma, certificate or vocational certificate)
  • If you've already worked, then a certificate of employment (employee card), proof of the duration of work and income (these and other documents are available for download as „here“: / formulareobcana – will then be used for purposes of assessing entitlement to unemployment benefit), in the case of self-employment, then the proof of payment of the insurance certificate from the District Social Security Administration
  • Where a medical certificate of medical unfitness to perform certain occupations and proof of disability

Useful websites === ===

All information relating to employment, see „Integrated Portal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs“: You might be interested in particular:

Useful information on how and where to seek employment not only provides a portal for high school students' information system, ISA ":

Author: Černá, Lucie

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