Next year prices for National Student Design is here Added:31.5. 2009
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Next year prices for National Student Design is here

Design Cabinet CZ together with other professional organizations (Union of Professional Designers Republic, Republic of the Union of Visual Artists, Architects, Association of secondary and higher vocational schools with art and artistic disciplines) has launched the latest edition ** traditional competition for the National Award for Student Design ** .

The competition is open to all secondary and university students from all over the country, studying subjects focusing on design, architecture and crafts in the Czech Republic or similarly focused schools abroad. They all can enter the competition their seminary, coursework, klausurní, diploma, and other custom work from design, which arose after 1 January 2007 and were recorded in previous years the competition. ** ** Applications must be sent to the e-mail address or, no later than 19 ** June 2009 **. After the allocation of registration numbers must then competitors ** ** deliver their work to the UK Cabinet Design Foundation for the Development of Architecture and Engineering (Wenceslas Square. 31, 110 00 Prague 1) ** 29th June 2009 ** (10 to 18 hours), then post to 30 ** June 2009 **. ** Application ** and ** detailed ** Tournament competition is available on the website „www.designca­“: and „“ http:/ /

The competition is announced in 1991, then under the auspices of the Design Centre has already abolished the CR. Under the name of student design competition is intended only as students, non-professionals, is held since 2004. Only since 2008, announced under the name National Award for student design and it organizes a group of volunteers working for the Foundation Program Design Cabinet CZ foundation for the development of architecture and engineering.

By 2008, the work of all school levels (ie from high above) evaluated together. This year will be assessed separately and higher secondary schools and colleges and universities. Nominated work is progressing to the national round, which will award Good Student Design 2009, Excellent Student Design 2009 and obtains a work of the National Student Award for Design 2009. The traveling exhibition, which will emerge from this year's competition included, inter alia, the Czech international project creativity, thanks to which will be able to present as well as abroad.

Source: Press Release Cabinet Design UK

Author: Černá, Lucie

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