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A holiday for foreign languages Added:12.6. 2009
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A holiday for foreign languages

Maybe right now you're wondering how to use free weeks holidays, which loom over horizon. You can go with a bunch of friends on a trip, you can just „roll“ or go to the brigade. But also, you may decide not to idle their language skills and participate in any of the courses offer a variety of language schools and institutions.

Chooses the holidays everyone. Jazykovky concentrate both on the classic walking courses in various expertise and specializations and on residential courses at home and abroad. Age is not teaching too limited, and thus can be together and educate the whole family (except dogs, cats and fish).


Bench lovers of traditional forms of teaching based on the school and meet you in variety of languages. Of course there are courses in English and German, among the most frequently taught languages ​​will find French, Italian and Spanish. Encounter but also courses on Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic or Japanese. You can choose from a weekend dates, fortnightly, or four weeks to three months. He teaches in the morning and afternoon. The courses are designed mostly as intense or as preparation for the holiday, usually place emphasis on conversation. Price depends on length of course and its type and also the preferred number of students on a school group, so you can pay tuition for about 1,000 crowns for 16 to 20 hours of instruction, but also over 6000 crowns for courses of more weeks. Some schools offer various discounts – for the ISIC card for their own students or events like „bring a friend, you get a discount.“

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Residential courses in the CR

If you are sorry to spend a sunny summer days in a stuffy classroom, you can subscribe to any of the residential courses. Are held at various resorts and certainly are not limited to teaching. Timing is a fixed, but remember it is free for the moment when the participants can stay sports or relaxation opportunities as offered places. Some additional activities are included in the price of course – so I'm going as a short trip or play bowling. It is good to find out what school included in the price and what not to avoid any misunderstandings. Teaching also takes place frequently in nature instead of in the interiors of buildings. The advantage is constant contact with teachers and with other participants and the possibility of at least a week to mentally break away from all the everyday worries. What is the linguistic diversity of courses offered poorer, in the vast majority are oriented towards English. Some schools also offer residential courses in German and French. Teaching is graded according to level of knowledge of participants from beginners to advanced. Courses are usually weekly and fortnightly. Price ranges from 3 to 12 crowns by the length of the course and offer specific schools.

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. <> * *** Where to go for learning languages? The possibilities are numerous (photo: stock.xchng) *

Foreign Language Travel

To really intensify the teaching of language, head to a language course abroad. The constant confrontation with a foreign environment, you will make the selected language use – in school, in the purchase, in pubs and restaurants, in contact with the „natives“ with the accommodation of your companions. Prepare yourself but at higher costs than domestic rates – starting with around 10 thousand CZK and the price rises proportionally with the number of weeks. Is also influenced by the type of accommodation, country of residence, insurance, visas and any transportation costs. Abroad you can spend 2 weeks, but you and the whole holiday. However, you can almost go around the world – throughout Europe, the USA, Cuba, Mexico, to Australia, New Zealand and in China and Japan. Such a path can be an excellent holiday, meeting interesting people, the discovery of new friends and adventure. But also involves more risks, it is good to ask about all the confusion, before you go somewhere, learn from the experiences of graduates of similar courses and to avoid unpleasant peripetiím.

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