COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Chinese Studies Added:16.6. 2009
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We recently introduced you closer to one of the „exotic“ fields, which focuses on the culture and languages ​​of India. In Asia, still remain: This article will introduce you to three places of work where it is possible in our study subjects, specializing in remote China.

** Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts: sinology **

** ** Course characteristics Sinology in Prague is possible to study in the bachelor and master's program in the single-subject and two-subject study. Branch deals with the language (intermediate level state exam C Chinese HSK), literature, history and culture of China, where students are taught primarily to independent professional work.

** The requirements for admission test ** The entrance examination consists of written and oral part. The applicants pass the written test of knowledge of the Far East and realia translation of the selected foreign language. The oral interview is focused on finding the applicant's mo­tivation, examines his knowledge and ability to actively use a foreign language. Sample tests can be viewed „here“: 20vzorovy 20test.pdf.

Chances of acceptance: 23% (information 2007/2008)

** More ** „Institute of East Asian Philosophical Faculty“:…na/china.htm

** Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Arts: Chinese philology **

** ** Course characteristics People study philology can only dvouooborové combination. Olomouc offers Bachelor's and Master's degree program. The study is focused primarily on spoken language, a bachelor's test certificates are required HKS least the fourth degree. A more detailed schedule can be viewed „here“:…gie_2006.pdf. When the field was also set up Confucius Academy, which allows you to maintain contacts with the university in Beijing. During his studies in this field you can use the opportunity to participate in a number of internships abroad.

** The requirements for admission test ** The entrance examination consists only of a written test in the Czech language. This year's entrance examinations have been held at all and were all accepted applicants.

Chances of acceptance: 36% (information 2007/2008)

** More ** „Department of Asian Studies“:

** Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Arts: Cultural Studies of China **

** ** Course characteristics Branch in Brno this year opens the first time. It can only study full-time, single-subject study. China Cultural studies focus on Chinese history, literature, philosophy and religion. It tries to capture both the traditional culture and modern. Study but will also focus on the culture of neighboring countries such as Japan, Tibet and Mongolia. Attention will also be paid to the global context. The important role played by the three-year Chinese language courses and courses focusing on communication. In the third year, students choose one particular sub-region to which they will continue.

** The requirements for admission test ** Applicants in this field must successfully complete industry-test, which consists of 25 "check 'questions focused on Chinese realities and open five more general questions which corresponds to an independent candidate a short text (about 15–25 sentences). For admission to this discipline is not necessary to take the TSP.

Chances of acceptance: 41% (information 2007/2008)

** More ** „Cultural Studies of China“:…a_pravek.doc (detailed information about admission procedure and recommended literature)

** See also: ** „International Sinological Center“:

Source of information about the chances for adoption, „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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